PAMPA research team

At ISAE SUPAERO, the Department of Electronics, Optronics and Signal Processing (DEOS) develops skills in signal processing, information processing, and data analysis.

The «Photonics Antenna Microwave PlasmA » group aims to study the applications of the electromagnetism to the Microwaves and Photonics and their interactions with plasma.

The « Photonics Antenna Microwave PlasmA » group gathers around the electromagnetic wave applied to the spectrum from the microwave to the infrared. The PAMPA Research is focused on the limits and interfaces of the spectrum covered by microwaves and optics as well as the electromagnetic wave matter interactions for the design of microwave and photonic functions and systems.

Research themes

The main research Topics of PAMPA is:

Aerospace optoelectronic payloads and optical telecommunication:


This activity carry out research on the photonic function for the generation of digital and microwave signals (Optoelectronic Oscillators, Frequency comb, coherent detection) as well as the free space optics communication (photonic payloads for satellite-ground link and effect of the atmosphere on the optical beam).


Microwave Plasma Interaction – IMP


This thematic is interested in the interactions between microwave signals and plasma discharges. Thus, plasmas are used to design new reconfigurable microwave functions (e.g., antennas or passive circuits). In addition, understanding the mechanisms of interactions also allows the development of efficient microwave plasma sources. Finally, these interactions are also studied in certain cases where they are involuntary and therefore suffered, for example during the integration of plasma thrusters and communication systems on satellites.

Research facilties

Permanent members:

Fabien DESTIC, Ingénieur Chercheur
Valentin Mazieres, Enseignant-Chercheur
Romain PASCAUD, Prof. Associé
Angélique RISSONS, Prof.

Non-permanent members:

PhD students

Marie-Bertille Mosnier
Gaetan Antoine
Naomie De Mejanes

Post-Doctoral students

Alexandre Bambina


David Mimoun,
Head of DEOS
david.mimoun at

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