Department of Electronics, Optronics and Signal Processing - DEOS

At ISAE SUPAERO, the Department of Electronics, Optronics and Signal Processing (DEOS) develops skills in signal processing, information processing, and data analysis.
In both teaching and research, the DEOS focuses on the entire information processing chain. This includes sensor and instrument design, signal implementation and transmission, data analysis and using data in advanced aeronautics and space application frameworks.

The DEOS in short

Research groups

  • Space Systems for Planetology & Applications (SSPA)
  • Signals, Communications, Antennas, Navigation (SCAN)
  • MIcroélectroniques Image Sensors (CIMI)

Research Areas

Chambre Anéchoïque
Chambre Anéchoïque
Adaptatives antennas : design of smart antennas, combining micro-wave properties and signal processing , to adapt to harsh environments and extend the boundaries of performance.
GNSS hybrid navigation systems : design of multi-constellation receivers. Improving the performances of GNSS systems in harsh environments (urban canyons, challenging environments…)
Visibilité de la constellation GPS
Visibilité de la constellation GPS
Positionnement pour la réalité augmentée
Positionnement pour la réalité augmentée
Vision navigation systems : stereo visual odometry approaches and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). Semantic analysis of scenes for collaborative cartography.
Space communication systems : the study of satellite link issues with propagation channel modeling, implementation of modulation and coding techniques, jamming interference mitigation approaches,
Radar SDR
Radar SDR
Conception de capteur image
Conception de capteur image
Image sensor design : Design of integrated matrix imagers. Microelectronic image sensors. APS sensor.
Geophysical exploration of the solar system : Experimental and physical modeling and development of payloads for space missions. The aim is to understand the internal structure and evolution of terrestrial planets.
Montage du CubeSat Entrysat
Montage du CubeSat Entrysat
Test de composants photoniques pour lien très haut-débit
Test de composants photoniques pour lien très haut-débit
Optoelectronics for payloads and aerospace communications : Characterization and modeling of photonic components, design of optoelectronic payloads for satellite-based high speed data transmission (>10Gbps), Creation of the ALBS (Wideband access by satellite) project-IRT-Saint-Exupéry.

Mini-site projects for Teaching and Research

Teaching missions

The DEOS is extensively involved in ISAE SUPAERO educational programs, both in the engineering program (DFI) and the Masters program (DFM). The following non-exhaustive list includes some of the courses overseen by the DEOS.

Educational programYear/MasterCourse modules
DFI 1st yr
  • Scientific core curriculum Signals and systems
  • Scientific core curriculum Physics
  • Deterministic signal processing
  • Creativity and Innovation Projects (PIC)
  • Experimental practice (PREX)
  • Elective courses (Astrophysics, Quantum engineering, Lasers, particle physics...)
DFI 2nd yr
  • Introduction to wireless communications systems
  • Electronic functions for information transmission
  • Random signal processing
  • Antennas
  • Innovation and Research Project (PIR)
  • Elective courses (Electrical energy for autonomous vehicles, Multi sensor navigation, Complex digital circuit design, air and space, lasers for space, planetology, nanosatellites, RF systems and Hyperfrequencies, Optronics, Radar and signal processing..)
DFI 3rd yr
  • Antenna- Signal
  • Image capture systems
  • Digital communications
  • Space systems
  • Constellations for communications and navigation
  • Internet and multimedia services by satellites
  • Measurement physics and related instrumentation
  • Architecture of scientific and space missions
  • Advanced celestial mechanics, Gravitation, Stellar physics, Astroparticles and cosmology, Planetology
DFM Master Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
  • Sensors & Signals
DFM Master Embedded systems (EMS)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility

Descriptions of these courses are available in the ISAE SUPAERO DFI/DFM program catalogue, which can be consulted on the following page: cursus ISAE-SUPAERO.

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