Department of Electronics, Optronics and Signal Processing - DEOS

At ISAE SUPAERO, the Department of Electronics, Optronics and Signal Processing (DEOS) develops and realizes the payloads for the advanced aeronautics and space applications of tomorrow. The skills of its teams covers a wide range of technologies, from silicon sensors design to interplanetary science payloads, and from theoretical signal studies to advanced communication and navigation systems .

Our research teams

DEOS has various teaching missions

The DEOS is extensively involved in ISAE SUPAERO educational programs, both in the engineering program and the Masters program. The following non-exhaustive list includes some of the courses overseen by the DEOS.

The courses managed by DEOS are the OT/SU - Earth Observation and Universe Sciences course (followed by the 3rd year of the Engineering program), the major Space Imaging, Navigation and Communication (SINC) of the Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering and the M2R Advanced Communication Systems (ACS).

The DEOS in short

37 Permanent staff
31 Doctoral & Post-Doctoral students
12 Contractuals
4 Students (Research or Internship Paths)

DEOS research activities

CIMI research team

MIcro Electronic Image Sensors


- Study and development of image sensors on silicium for visible and near infrared radiation
- Nano/microelectronics / Integrated circuits / Physics of semiconductor devices / Physics of photodetection
- Effects of Space and Nuclear Radiation on Image Sensors and Design Hardening
- Cryogenic temperature electronics


PAMPA research team

Photonics, Antenna, Microwave and PlasmA



- Electromagnetic modeling for photonics and microwaves

- Design of optoelectronic functions for data generation

- Optical satellite ground telecommunications

- Microwave Plasma Interaction


Nav research team

Navigation, Communication, Radar



- Signal analysis and processing

- Multi-source information fusion

- Performance analysis


ComIT research team

Communications and Information Theory


- Multipurpose waveforms (e.g., spectrum sharing)

- Physical layer security and electronic warfare

- Neural-network-based functions

- Error-correction-coding and precoding techniques

- Efficient and secured resource allocation techniques


SSPA research team

Space Systems for Planetary Applications


- Development of missions and associated technologies for the geophysical exploration of the solar system
- Development and exploitation of InSight data,
- Development of infrasound technologies for Earth and Venus
(coupling Earth Solid Atmosphere)
- Asteroid exploration (regolith and microgravity)
- Realization of the first ISAE CubeSat, EntrySat

DEOS Scientific Publications

Besson Olivier, Vincent François, Matteoli Stefania

Adaptive target detection in hyperspectral imaging from two sets of training samples with different means

(2020) Signal Processing, 181 ISSN 0165-1684

Vincent François, Besson Olivier

Robust adaptive target detection in hyperspectral imaging

(2020) Signal Processing, 181 107905 ISSN 0165-1684

Laffont Adrien, Pascaud Romain, Callegari Thierry, Liard Laurent, Pascal Olivier, Adam Jean-Pierre

A harmonic oscillator model to study the intensification of microwave radiation by a subwavelength uniform plasma discharge

(2021) Physics of Plasmas, 28 (3). 33503 ISSN 1070-664X

Medina Daniel, Vilà-Valls Jordi, Chaumette Eric, Vincent François, Closas Pau

Cramér-Rao bound for a mixture of real- and integer-valued parameter vectors and its application to the linear regression model

(2020) Signal Processing, 179 107792 ISSN 0165-1684

Hrustic Emir, Ben Abdallah Rayen, Vilà‐Valls Jordi, Vivet Damien, Pagès Gaël, Chaumette Eric

Robust linearly constrained extended Kalman filter for mismatched nonlinear systems

(2021) International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 31 (3). 787-805 ISSN 1049-8923

Chide Baptiste, Murdoch Naomi, Bury Yannick, Maurice Sylvestre, Jacob Xavier, Merrison Jonathan P., Iversen Jens J., Meslin Pierre-Yves, Bassas-Portús Marti, Cadu Alexandre, Sournac Anthony, Dubois Bruno, Lorenz Ralph D., Mimoun David, Wiens Roger C.

Experimental Wind Characterization with the SuperCam Microphone under a Simulated martian Atmosphere

(2020) Icarus, 354 114060-114072 ISSN 0019-1035

Li Haoqing, Medina Daniel, Vilà-Valls Jordi, Closas Pau

Robust Variational-based Kalman Filter for Outlier Rejection with Correlated Measurements

(2021) IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 69 357-369 ISSN 1053-587X

Besson Olivier, Vincent François, Gendre Xavier

A Stein’s approach to covariance matrix estimation using regularization of Cholesky factor and log-Cholesky metric

(2020) Statistics & Probability Letters, 167 1-9 ISSN 0167-7152

Lubeigt Corentin, Ortega Lorenzo, Vilà-Valls Jordi, Lestarquit Laurent, Chaumette Eric

Joint Delay-Doppler Estimation Performance in a Dual Source Context

(2021) Remote Sensing, 12 (23). 3894 ISSN 2072-4292

Drilleau Mélanie, Beucler Éric, Lognonné Philippe, Panning Mark P., Knapmeyer‐Endrun Brigitte, Banerdt W. Bruce, Beghein Caroline, Ceylan Savas, Driel Martin, Joshi Rakshit, Kawamura Taichi, Khan Amir, Menina Sabrina, Rivoldini Attilio, Samuel Henri, Stähler Simon, Xu Haotian, Bonnin Mickaël, Clinton John, Giardini Domenico, Kenda Balthasar, Lekic Vedran, Mocquet Antoine, Murdoch Naomi, Schimmel Martin, Smrekar Suzanne E., Stutzmann Éléonore, Tauzin Benoit, Tharimena Saikiran

MSS/1: Single‐Station and Single‐Event Marsquake Inversion

(2021) Earth and Space Science, 7 (12). 1-37 ISSN 2333-5084

All scientific publications

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