MASTERE SPECIALISE® Space Applications & Services - SPAPS


Le MASTERE SPECIALISE® “Space Applications and Services” permet aux étudiants de comprendre les performances des systèmes spatiaux et donc de spécifier les besoins des utilisateurs, et d’autre part, de développer de nouvelles applications et des services complémentaires intégrés à partir de données et d’images issues de systèmes spatiaux et d’autres sources (photographies aériennes par exemple, ou données terrain…).

Ce MASTERE SPECIALISE® garantit un haut niveau d’expertise nécessaire aux métiers actuels et futurs du spatial à l’international.
Les diplômés peuvent viser des postes tels que : Project Leader, Business Engineer, Business Development Manager, Consulting Manager, Research Engineer, Expert in Space Applications.

Témoignage de Ville Meskus, student promo 2020, Senior Product Manager, Finland,

“I’ve always been passionate about human activities in space, but I didn’t work in the field before starting this program at ISAE-SUPAERO. After doing my previous Master’s Degree in industrial engineering and management in Finland, I worked in several countries for different industries as a consultant and in product management. Then I decided to go after my passion and applied for several different aerospace schools. Ultimately I chose ISAE-SUPAERO for its position as one of the top aerospace schools in the world and its location in the centre of the European aerospace industry.
I chose this Advanced Master’s program as I believe we need to enlarge the human footprint in space in order to accelerate our technological progress and safeguard both our species and Earth. In order to do that, we need to push our boundaries further and find more ways to benefit from the space frontier. This is a program to do exactly that. The fact that we would have close cooperation with industry players such as Airbus was a key point in ensuring that how we approach this domain is up to date with industry demands and the latest knowledge.
My objective upon joining the program was to get a thorough deep dive into how we can design and build satellites and use them to extract value from space. The program gave me exactly that : I was given all the keys I need to make an international career in space industry. The two strongest highlights for me were the extensive cooperation with Airbus, CNES (the French government space agency) and other key partners, as well as getting a complete view on the whole value chain of the satellite business. Our learning reached from the basic technical details of designing and building satellites and their payloads all the way to how to use those payloads to create and operate a business. In practical exercises, we used the same tools that the industry is using professionally.
For the rest of my career and life, I want to play a major part in the expansion of humanity into space. As long as I’m helping us do that, I know I’m doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do. I believe attending this program has been a key stepping stone for me towards this path.”

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