Department of Electronics, Optronics and Signal Processing - DEOS

At ISAE SUPAERO, the Department of Electronics, Optronics and Signal Processing (DEOS) develops and realizes the payloads for the advanced aeronautics and space applications of tomorrow. The skills of its teams covers a wide range of technologies, from silicon sensors design to interplanetary science payloads, and from theoretical signal studies to advanced communication and navigation systems .

Our research teams

DEOS has various teaching missions

The DEOS is extensively involved in ISAE SUPAERO educational programs, both in the engineering program and the Masters program. The following non-exhaustive list includes some of the courses overseen by the DEOS.

The courses managed by DEOS are the OT/SU - Earth Observation and Universe Sciences course (followed by the 3rd year of the Engineering program), the major Space Imaging, Navigation and Communication (SINC) of the Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering, the M2R Advanced Communication Systems (ACS) and the Advanced Master SPace APplications and Services (SPAPS).

The DEOS in short

37 Permanent staff
31 Doctoral & Post-Doctoral students
12 Contractuals
4 Students (Research or Internship Paths)

DEOS research activities

CIMI research team

MIcro Electronic Image Sensors


- Study and development of image sensors on silicium for visible and near infrared radiation
- Nano/microelectronics / Integrated circuits / Physics of semiconductor devices / Physics of photodetection
- Effects of Space and Nuclear Radiation on Image Sensors and Design Hardening
- Cryogenic temperature electronics


PAMPA research team

Photonics, Antenna, Microwave and PlasmA



- Electromagnetic modeling for photonics and microwaves

- Design of optoelectronic functions for data generation

- Optical satellite ground telecommunications

- Microwave Plasma Interaction


Nav research team

Navigation, Communication, Radar



- Signal analysis and processing

- Multi-source information fusion

- Performance analysis


ComIT research team

Communications and Information Theory


- Multipurpose waveforms (e.g., spectrum sharing)

- Physical layer security and electronic warfare

- Neural-network-based functions

- Error-correction-coding and precoding techniques

- Efficient and secured resource allocation techniques


SSPA research team

Space Systems for Planetary Applications


- Development of missions and associated technologies for the geophysical exploration of the Solar System (InSight, Perseverance, Farside Seismic Suite)
- Development of acoustic technologies for probing terrestrial (rocky) planets
- Small body exploration (regolith and microgravity)
- Realization of the first ISAE CubeSat, EntrySat

DEOS Scientific Publications

Mimoun David, Cadu Alexandre, Murdoch Naomi, Chide Baptiste, Sournac Anthony, Parot Yann, Bernardi Pernelle, Pilleri P., Stott Alexander E., Gillier Martin, Sridhar Vishnu, Maurice Sylvestre, Wiens Roger

The Mars Microphone Onboard SuperCam

(2023) Space Science Reviews, 219 (1). ISSN 0038-6308

Toledo D., Apéstigue V., Arruego I., Lemmon M., Gómez L., Montoro F., Hueso R., Newman C., Smith M., Viudez‐Moreiras D., Martínez G., Lorenz R., Vicente‐Retortillo A., Sanchez‐Lavega A., Juarez M. de la Torre, Rodriguez‐Manfredi J. A., Carrasco I., Yela M., Jimenez J. J., García‐Menendez E., Navarro S., Gomez‐Elvira F. J., Harri A.‐M., Polkko J., Hieta M., Genzer M., Murdoch Naomi, Sebastian E.

Dust Devil Frequency of Occurrence and Radiative Effects at Jezero Crater, Mars, as Measured by MEDA Radiation and Dust Sensor (RDS)

(2023) Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 128 (1). ISSN 2169-9097

Rodriguez-Manfredi J. A., de la Torre Juarez M., Sanchez-Lavega A., Hueso R., Martinez G., Lemmon M. T., Newman C. E., Munguira A., Hieta M., Tamppari L. K., Polkko J., Toledo D., Sebastian E., Smith M. D., Jaakonaho I., Genzer M., De Vicente-Retortillo A., Viudez-Moreiras D., Ramos M., Saiz-Lopez A., Lepinette A., Wolff M., Sullivan R. J., Gomez-Elvira J., Apestigue V., Conrad P. G., Del Rio-Gaztelurrutia T., Murdoch Naomi, Arruego I., Banfield D., Boland J., Brown A. J., Ceballos J., Dominguez-Pumar M., Espejo S., Fairén A. G., Ferrandiz R., Fischer E., Garcia-Villadangos M., Gimenez S., Gomez-Gomez F., Guzewich S. D., Harri A.-M., Jimenez J. J., Jimenez V., Makinen T., Marin M., Martin C., Martin-Soler J., Molina A., Mora-Sotomayor L., Navarro S., Peinado V., Perez-Grande I., Pla-Garcia J., Postigo M., Prieto-Ballesteros O., Rafkin S. C. R., Richardson M. I., Romeral J., Romero C., Savijärvi H., Schofield J. T., Torres J., Urqui R., Zurita S.

The diverse meteorology of Jezero crater over the first 250 sols of Perseverance on Mars

(2023) Nature Geoscience, 16 (1). 19-28 ISSN 1752-0894

Negre Alicia, Mathevet Renaud, Chalopin Benoit, Massenot Sébastien

Unexpected optimal measurement protocols in Bell's inequality violation experiments

(2023) American Journal of Physics, 91 (1). 64-73 ISSN 0002-9505

Panasiewicz Jognes, Britto Larissa A. D., Destic Fabien, Pacheco Gefeson M., Rissons Angélique

Automatic bias control suitable for a microwave photonic vector modulator

(2023) Optical and Quantum Electronics, 55 (2). ISSN 0306-8919

Bidon Stéphanie, Roche Sébastien

On the Equivalence between Kalman Filter at Steady State and DPLL

(2022) Signal Processing

Besson Olivier, Vincent François

Analysis of Adaptive Detectors Robustness to Mismatches on Noise Mean Value

(2022) IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 70 268-279 ISSN 1053-587X

Paillet Philippe, Girard Sylvain, Goiffon Vincent, Duhamel Olivier, Morana Adriana, Lambert Damien, De Michele Vincenzo, Campanella Cosimo, Melin Gilles, Robin Thierry, Vidalot Jeoffray, Meyer Arnaud, Boukenter Aziz, Ouerdane Youcef, Marin Emmanuel, Glebov Vladimir Yu., Pien Gregory

Phosphosilicate Multimode Optical Fiber for Sensing and Diagnostics at Inertial Confinement Fusion Facilities

(2023) IEEE Sensors Journal, 22 (23). 22700-22706 ISSN 1530-437X

Statler Thomas S., Raducan Sabina D., Barnouin Olivier S., DeCoster Mallory E., Chesley Steven R., Barbee Brent, Agrusa Harrison F., Cambioni Saverio, Cheng Andrew F., Dotto Elisabetta, Eggl Siegfried, Fahnestock Eugene G., Ferrari Fabio, Graninger Dawn, Herique Alain, Herreros Isabel, Hirabayashi Masatoshi, Ivanovski Stavro, Jutzi Martin, Karatekin Özgür, Lucchetti Alice, Luther Robert, Makadia Rahil, Marzari Francesco, Michel Patrick, Murdoch Naomi, Nakano Ryota, Ormö Jens, Pajola Maurizio, Rivkin Andrew S., Rossi Alessandro, Sánchez Paul, Schwartz Stephen R., Soldini Stefania, Souami Damya, Stickle Angela, Tortora Paolo, Trigo-Rodríguez Josep M., Venditti Flaviane, Vincent Jean-Baptiste, Wünnemann Kai

After DART: Using the First Full-scale Test of a Kinetic Impactor to Inform a Future Planetary Defense Mission

(2023) The Planetary Science Journal, 3 (10). 244 ISSN 2632-3338

Ding Yi, Chauchat Paul, Pagès Gaël, Asseman Philippe

Learning-Enhanced Adaptive Robust GNSS Navigation in Challenging Environments

(2022) IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 7 (4). 9905-9912 ISSN 2377-3774

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