Advanced master Aviation Safety: Aircraft Airworthiness (ASAA)

The ASAA Advanced Master will provide you every skill and knowledge to become a certification and airworthiness engineer able to immediately work in the aeronautical industry and in the safety authorities. It is designed to cover every aspect related to ensure that aircraft, engines, and systems are safe, with a complete coverage of understanding and practice certification processes and safety demonstrations, including for innovative aircraft concepts.

Joël Jezegou - Head of ASAA Advanced Master


The advanced master “Aviation Safety Aircraft Airworthiness” gives future managers a broad understanding of the issues and priorities in Airworthiness with a focus on air transport safety from design to operations within the international legal environment.


This program covers both technical aspects of certification and the legal and economic implications. The advanced master “Aviation Safety Aircraft Airworthiness” leads to various job opportunities either in aircraft manufacturers, or in civil aviation authorities and airlines: airworthiness inspector, certification manager, Airworthiness follow up, etc.


Download the fact sheet of the AM ASAA!

Pedagogy, job opportunities, applications... download the AM ASAA fact sheet to get more information about this program!

The Advanced Master is accessible to persons with disabilities (PSH).
In the event that a learner is in a situation of disability, his or her needs (whatever they are educational, material, technical, human, etc.) are taken into account by the ISAE-SUPAERO’s Disability Advisor. ISAE-SUPAERO provides the expertise, the tools, and the networks needed to facilitate the access to premises and resources, to prepare certifications and take examinations.

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Umair Sufyan - Graduated in 2020 Certification Manager at Aura Aero

Umair Sufyan MS ASAA

Why did you choose ISAE and apply for this MS? What were your objectives?

My main objective for the masters program was to enhance my knowledge in the field of aircraft certification and airworthiness. My aim was to transition from my current position in the field of continuing airworthiness towards aircraft certification and airworthiness. These masters program not only offered a comprehensive course for my needs but also allowed me to be close to a hub of aviation activities in Europe. ISAE-SUPAERO and ENAC are well established institutions with strong roots in the aviation sector. Joining a program here came with the opportunity to be able to learn from, interact with and be approachable to the large number of companies that are partners with ISAE-SUPAERO.

According to your experience, what are the strong assets of the Master?

The ASAA program is conducted by many professionals who are experts in their respective domains in the industry. The best part about the program was being able to learn from them in real world scenarios. The course contents were tailored to meet the exact needs of the industry, which gives students the required knowledge to start a career in Airworthiness and be successful.

What are your career plans?

ISAE-SUPAERO also gave me the opportunity to work on learning about certification of innovative technologies. In my current company we are developing such an aircraft aimed to meet the needs of the future. My aim is to continue working in this domain and develop the methods necessary to certify innovative designs.



If you want to become an actor of aviation safety, this program is for you! Certification and airworthiness are exciting domains in which you can apply your engineering skills to the design and safety of an aircraft and its operations. From conventional architectures to future low-emissions aircraft, the sector is looking for highly qualified students from the ASAA program. Don’t wait any longer and join the air safety movement!

Joël Jezegou - Head of ASAA Advanced Master

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