2019-2020 Tuition fees Advanced Masters

Applicants from European Union Reduced tuition fees 1Applicants from European Union Tuition fees Applicants from outside the European Union Reduced tuition fees 2Applicants from outside the European Union Tuition fees 3
AES 8500(€) 13500(€) 13500(€) 19000(€)
AMPAS 8500(€) 13500(€) 13500(€) 19000(€)
AMS-E&M 8500(€) 13500(€) 13500(€) 19000(€)
APM 10500(€) 16000(€) 16000(€) 19000(€)
ASAA 8000(€) 13000(€) 13000(€) 19000(€)
EMS 8500(€) 13500(€) 13500(€) 19000(€)
HADA 8500(€) 13500(€) 13500(€) 19000(€)
MGPIE 10500(€) 16000(€) 16000(€) 19000(€)
SEN 8500(€) 13500(€) 13500(€) 19000(€)
SPA 8500(€) 13500(€) 13500(€) 19000(€)
SPAPS 8500(€) 13500(€) 13500(€) 19000(€)
TAS Aero 8500(€) 13500(€) 13500(€) 19000(€)
TAS Astro 8500(€) 13500(€) 13500(€) 19000(€)
TAS Aero FTE 13000(€) 19000(€) 19000(€) 19000(€)

(1) for applicants graduated in the year of enrollment or the year before, and with no professional experience
(2) for individual applicants
(3) fees for public agencies and private companies available upon request from Philippe Galaup at : philippe.galaup at isae.fr, Head of Recruitment and Contractual Relations

The Advanced Master AIBT is only offered in the frame of executive education at a single cost of 19000€.

Financial aid

There are several sources of financial aid made available to students.

For more information on financial aid for foreign students in France, visit the Campus France website.

Tuition fees waiver for the most deserving students

A few applicants admitted in the advanced masters "AES", "AMS-E&M", "SEN", "SPAPS", "SPA", "TAS Aero" and "TAS Astro" will be benefit from tuition fees waiver.

The application for this financial support is possible once the application for one of the above programs has been validated.

Application deadline: February 25th 2019 - results in May 2019

Financial support from Employers

If the program is related to a job held, the employer may offer assistance to the employee. Check on this possibility with your employer.

Financial support from the Occitanie Regional Council

For job seekers registered with Pôle Emploi (Employment Agency) in France and who have held a degree for at least 2 years, financial aid from the Occitanie Region is available for 7 of the ISAE advanced master programs. * Conditions of eligibility for funding from the Region: registration with Pôle Emploi in category 1/2/3 and validation with Pôle Emploi of resumption of university studies within the framework of the Projet Personnalisé d’Accès à l’Emploi (Personalized Employment Access Project, PPAE)

Funding from the FONGECIF within the framework of an Individual Training Leave (CIF), for employees working in France

Under certain conditions, tuition fees may be covered by the FONGECIF (joint regional inter-professional fund approved for the management of individual training leave), within the framework of an Individual Training Leave (CIF). Contact FONGECIF in the region where your company is located for more information.


The Advanced Masters include a professional 4-6 month thesis which can be done in a company. Compensation by the company for the student’s work during the internship contributes to tuition.
Note: Students of the European Union benefit from a reduced rate for advanced master’s programs except for the MGP advanced master program.

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