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ISAE-SUPAERO has been at the forefront of aerospace innovation since 1909. We have trained more than 22,000 engineers, who are contributing to the development of the aeronautics and space sector around the world. Our engineers’ vocation is to become future leaders in the aerospace industry and the world of tomorrow. We have developed an integrated approach with training, research and innovation in partnership with industrial stakeholders and a network of the best international universities. ISAE-SUPAERO Professional Education stems from our 15 Advanced Master Programs. These one-year professionally-oriented advanced studies degrees are built on close ties with industry professionals. They are therefore highly valued on the job market and graduates are unique because of their specialized knowledge and experience in a given field. Thanks to its close links with the aerospace industry, ISAE-SUPAERO has developed an innovative training offer to prepare highly employable experts, in response to the growing demands from this industry. Professionals from around the world come to ISAE-SUPAERO to experience our on- campus courses, including Certificates of Advanced Studies and short courses. Our professional development courses provide highly targeted learning to develop career-enhancing skills, which are dispensed by experts in the fields of Aeronautics, Space, Systems Engineering, Project Management and Digital Technologies. On-campus courses combine theoretical and research-based knowledge with practical hands-on experience through access to exceptional technical facilities. Learners also have access to unmatched networking opportunities. Our certificates and short courses offer an opportunity for working professionals to enroll in traditional ISAE-SUPAERO classes. They select one of the tens of ISAESUPAERO courses available and learn alongside our other learners. Our courses explore wide-ranging topics and are dispensed by prominent ISAESUPAERO faculty staff who are renowned internationally in their respective fields. About ISAE-SUPAERO Executive Education ///////// 3