Executive Education_ISAE-SUPAERO_brochure_2023-2024

Image processing and data analysis - APS302 Course supervisor: Laurent Guillaume, AIRBUS DEFENSE & SPACE Key contents: Introduction to human and computer vision as a baseline for object identification; principles of image processing; workshops and Python implementation; computer vision lab. Applications and services, agriculture and forest - APS303 Course supervisor: Anne Jacquin, AIRBUS DEFENSE & SPACE Key contents: Vegetation maps form optical data; Agriculture analytics and Pixel Factory use; workshops using I4D and Overland tools; in the field application. Applications and services, natural resources and intelligence - APS304 Course supervisor: Michaël Tonon, AIRBUS DEFENSE & SPACE Key contents: Intelligence and military applications; land surveillance; maritime domain surveillance; oil, gas and mining; water cycle. Telecommunications and networks - APS401 Course supervisor: José Radzik, ISAE-SUPAERO Key contents: Layered networks, protocols and services. Introduction to telecommunication networks, IP network architecture; IP routing, IPv4/IPv6 address management; Quality of Service (QoS) principles; Lab interactions between access techniques in satellite networks and upper protocol layers; encryption principles; introduction to radio network access techniques. Broadband satellite communication systems - APS402 Course supervisor: José Radzik, ISAE-SUPAERO Key contents: Architecture of satellite communication systems, topologies and introduction to the link budget; propagation at high frequencies and Adaptive Coding and Modulation; link budget and radio resource management, multibeam coverage and frequency reuse; earth station and infrastructure; satellite Internet access network and Broadband Satellite Multimedia standards, DVB-S2 principles; Lab: continuous carrier operation for the return link; DVB-RCS2, MF-TDMA, DAMA radio resource management, random access and integration in IP networks; Lab: DVBRCS2 return link, deterministic access; higher layer design, performance enhancement. APS1 – Earth Observation APS2 – Satellite Telecommunication Network APS302, APS303, APS304 courses can only be attended as part of the APS1 certificate APS401, APS402 courses can only be attended as part of the APS2 certificate SPACE 28 ////////