Executive Education_ISAE-SUPAERO_brochure_2023-2024

Earth Observation - APS1 Raphaël Garcia 3 short courses: APS302, APS303, APS304 Objectives: Master the basics of image processing. Identify relevant analytics for end users. Develop the processing chain needed to obtain the corresponding data. Have a broad view of the services that can be provided based on spatial imagery. Be able to identify the performances of space data analysis related to intelligence application requirements. Satellite Telecommunication Network - APS2 Raphaël Garcia 2 short courses: APS401, APS402 Objectives: Understand the principles of IP network architectures. Be able to characterize the end-to-end quality of service and identify the distribution of objectives by segments. Be able to identify protocols and equipment needed for secured network architecture. Be able to describe network topology and define roles. Understand the impact of the satellite link on end-to-end quality of service. Understand satellite link major dimensioning parameters and adaptation to the radiofrequency channel. Be able to determine user experience quality. Space Applications & Services We offer a Space Applications & Services - SPAPS - Advanced Master Program, which gives participants a broad understanding of space systems and their environment, constraints and capacities in the fields of earth observation, communications and navigation. Raphaël Garcia, Program Head SPACE CAS Certificate of Advanced Studies CAS Certificate of Advanced Studies From the AM Space Applications & Services (SPAPS) The price list and schedule are attached at the end of this catalog ///////// 27