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Design Thinking - MP151 Course supervisor: Pascale Ripoll, AGIL’INNOV Key contents: Discover Design thinking methodology, User observation and interviews, Customer Journey Map and quick prototyping. Créativité - MP152 Course supervisor: Valérie Sanchis, Frugal Innovation Consultant Key contents: Neuroscience and cognition fundamentals to understand creativity mechanism; Creativity boosters (CPS, ASIT methods) and creativity session leadership for innovation projects. Intelligence collective - MP255 Course supervisor: Anne-Hélène Labissy, ALTER HUMAN Key contents: Collective and participatory dynamics, collaborative leadership, Collective Intelligence tools (including numerical tools) and team coaching and facilitation fundamentals. Open Innovation - MP311 Course supervisor: Cyril Durand, OCÉAN BLEU Key contents: Open Innovation approach and management, partnerships modes, Intellectual Property topics, open source patents and software mindsets. MP1 Idéation et innovation technologique Taught in French PROJECT MANAGEMENT MP311 course can only be attended as part of the MP1 certificate ///////// 23