Executive Education_ISAE-SUPAERO_brochure_2023-2024

Machine learning and data analytics - AIBT106 Course supervisor: Jonathan Sprauel, THALES ALENIA SPACE Key contents: The data analytics workflow; General overview of Machine Learning; Unsupervised Learning. Ensemble methods; Anomaly detection; Bio-inspired ML, Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Feature engineering and data preprocessing. Sequential decision making in AI - AIBT108 Course supervisor: Florent Teichteil-Koenigsbuch, AIRBUS et Emmanuel Rachelson, ISAE-SUPAERO Key contents: Reinforcement Learning (RL); modern Deep RL algorithms. Scheduling; optimization methods, modeling frameworks. Path Planning, path algorithms, heuristic search, motion planning. Decentralized decision making; Multi-agent concepts and game theory. Collaborative and adversarial decision making. AI certification, robustness and dependability - AIBT110 Course supervisor: Grégory Flandin, IRT SAINT-EXUPERY Key contents: Learning algorithms and robustness, interpretability and explainability, certificability. Norms in the aerospace and automotive industries; human/machine couple in the decision process. Certification of systems based on AI; main legal initiatives on the subject; major technology trends underlying norms on AI. Links between usual engineering validation processes and their use on AI. Optimization topics for AI - AIBT105 Course supervisor: Xavier Olive, ONERA Key contents: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Optimization. Gradient Descent Optimization. Gradient based optimization methods; Convergence in Deep Learning. Discrete optimization; Discrete satisfaction and optimization methods. Metaheuristics; genetic algorithms; stochastic methods, CMA-ES, cross-entropy. Change management - AIBT109 Julius Akinyemi, TBS EDUCATION Key contents: Change management; Innovation organization and management. Entrepreneurial ecosystem in AI in Montréal; Relocation of AI innovation from big business to startups; Meetings with testimonials from entrepreneurs and major companies. AIBT3 Development & deployment of efficient AI technologies DIGITAL ///////// 21