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Data integration and exploration - AIBT102 Course supervisor: Bilel Sdiri, TRIMANE Key contents: Data Warehousing; History and recent evolutions; Architecture; Key functions; Layers. Data quality; Indicators; improvement. Data visualization; visual perception; tools. Big data processing - AIBT103 Course supervisor: Guilaume Eynard-Bontemps, CNES Key contents: Distributed computing with Spark; MapReduce paradigm; Hadoop Stack; Hadoop Distributed File System. Virtualization and cloud computing; Economical models; Technical benefits; cloud engines. Docker. Introduction to modern AI - AIBT101 Course supervisor: Michaël Hoarau, AMAZON WEB SERVICES Key contents: AI Basics; Machine Learning; Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning. Fueling AI; Understanding the relationship between problem framing. Business outcomes and applicable algorithms. Business intelligence and business models. Major Business and AI success stories The business of data - AIBT104 Course supervisor: Olivier Flebus, VITESCO et Grégory Voss, TBS EDUCATION Key contents: AI in the world, geostrategic point of view through data and cloud. Legal environment (GDPR and beyond). New economy and the sharing economy. Open data. Data value creation - AIBT107 Course supervisor: Serge Nyama, TBS EDUCATION Key contents: AI and the marginal value of data, of algorithms. Changing the cost of prediction. Machine learning, market structure and competition; impact of productivity growth on employment. The impact of artificial intelligence on innovation. AIBT1 Data integration and processing for value creation AIBT2 AI oriented business model design DIGITAL 20 ////////