Executive Education_ISAE-SUPAERO_brochure_2023-2024

Aerospace Structures Structural shells analysis & modeling - SA410 Course supervisor: Yves Gourinat, ISAE-SUPAERO Key contents: Calculation of symmetric membranes; Equations of discrete dynamics; Dynamics of solid continuous media; hybrid systems; Reissner’s general shell theory. Advanced numerical methods - SA411 Course supervisor: Christine Espinosa, ISAE-SUPAERO Key contents: Explicit FEM models: Explicit algorithms, Matrix variability, Material modelling, Rapid dynamics. Particle techniques: SPH method, Fragmentation & fluid interaction. Flexible structure dynamics: modeling & control - SA402 Course supervisor: Daniel Alazard, ISAE-SUPAERO Key contents: Modelling of flexible structures: Lagrange equations, notions of effective masses, Substructuring, modal analysis of flexible structures, colocation of actuators/sensors, model reduction. Theory of linear servoing: transfer function/state representation, modal analysis, root location, frequency analysis, stability margins, gain/phase control of flexible modes. Introduction to strategic management: an application to the aviation industry - SA409 Course supervisor: Paul Chiambaretto, MONTPELLIER BUSINESS SCHOOL Key contents: Specificities of civil aircraft construction; Situation of the Airbus-BOEING cluster; Civil aviation activity since 1952 (traffic, transport and fleet); Difficult technical compromises in product definition; Industrial, commercial and financial management of an activity in global competition. The Aeronautical & Space Structures Advanced Master Program prepares engineers for a future career in design, R&D, or certification, in connection with mechanical engineering applied to structures. Our Master program is a European reference in the field and we have identified 4 short courses that can be taken by professionals. You can thus increase your skills in numerical calculation for the most advanced structures, your knowledge of materials, as well as your understanding of how they interact with the environment, in particular loads and fluid-structure interactions. Yves Gourinat, Program Head AERONAUTICS From the AM Aeronautical & Space Structures (AES) The price list and schedule are attached at the end of this catalog 18 ////////