Executive Education_ISAE-SUPAERO_brochure_2023-2024

AEC2 Aircraft Engineering for Certification of Flight and Structures AERONAUTICS Flight - AW7 Course supervisor: Jacques Verrière, pilot & flight safety expert Key contents: Jet airplane principles of straight and steady level flight; high speed cruise performance; climb and acceleration performance; maneuvering performance; take-off and landing performance; handling qualities; stability and control; dynamic stability; certification requirements. Structure - AW8 Course supervisor: Laurent Michel, ISAE-SUPAERO Key contents: Airplane airframe architecture; Materials performance criteria and properties; Flight and ground loads; Fatigue of aircraft structure; Ageing aircraft; Certification of composite structures; Applicable certification requirements and compliance demonstration. Engine and powerplant - AW11 Course supervisor: Xavier Carbonneau, ISAE-SUPAERO Key contents: Engine thermodynamics; engine control, engine certification; turboshaft and turbopropeller; Auxiliary Power Units (APU); powerplant integration and certification. ///////// 17