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Maintenance & Support Airworthiness & human factors for maintenance - AMS1 Joël Jézégou 2 short courses: AMS500, AMS600 Objectives: Understand continuing and continued airworthiness regulations, complemented by ETOPS operational approval and aircraft transfer. Understand safety aspects through human factors concepts and tools for a practical implementation of Safety Management System in an MRO environment. The Aeronautical Maintenance and Support Engineering and Management - AMS E&M - Advanced Master Program delivers the appropriate high-level competencies and know-how in aircraft architecture, maintenance and support dispensed by experts. The course provides exposure to the latest techniques and methods, regulations and standards that apply throughout this value chain. The certificates and short courses we offer will help participants increase their skills to perform in the fast-changing global Maintenance & Support industry. Joël Jezegou, Program Head AERONAUTICS CAS Certificate of Advanced Studies From the AM Aeronautical Maintenance and Support Engineering and Management (AMS E&M) AMS1 - Airworthiness & human factors for maintenance Continuing and continued airworthiness - AMS500 Course supervisor: Joël Jézégou, ISAE-SUPAERO Key contents: EASA Part-21 Continued airworthiness process and in-service occurrence reporting EASA Continuing airworthiness regulations (Part-M, Part145, Part-147, Part-66); ETOPS operations (approval, maintenance requirements and practices); aircraft transfer. Human factors and Safety Management System in Aeronautical Maintenance - AMS600 Couse supervisor: Christine GarcesZylawski, AIR FRANCE Key contents: Human factors (individual and collective human performance and limitations, role of management); Safety Management System (SMS) concept, organization and responsibilities; risk management techniques in aeronautical maintenance environment (strategies, models: bowtie/ Reason/PEAR, techniques: MEDA/MLOSA); safety culture promotion. The price list and schedule are attached at the end of this catalog ///////// 13