Executive Education_ISAE-SUPAERO_brochure_2023-2024

Understanding helicopters - THE1 Course supervisor: Didier Casolaro, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS - Marignane Key contents: Rotor aerodynamics, helicopter flight qualities, helicopter performance, noise analysis and pre-design methods. Helicopter dynamics - THE2 Course supervisor: Rémi Coisnon, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS - Marignane Key contents: Rotor dynamics, helicopter internal noise, structural dynamics and aero elasticity, fatigue and safety. Helicopter materials and technology - THE3 Course supervisor: Marc-Antoine Celli, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS - Marignane Key contents: Helicopter production materials and technologies, composite materials, blade technology, rotor hub technology, gear box mechanisms, fatigue phenomenon, finite element methods as applied to helicopters. Helicopter avionics systems - THE4 Course supervisor: Erwan Guillanton, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS - Marignan Key contents: Radio communication, navigation and guidance. Helicopter Fly By Wire. Cockpit ergonomics, system integration, reliability and safety analysis. Human-machine interface. Helicopter: Prototypes, tests, production, quality - THE5 Course supervisor: Nicolas Vidal, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS - Marignane Key contents: Helicopter flight test and integration. Value analysis and production methods. Aeronautical regulation and quality. Computer aided production management, helicopter maintenance. HE1 - Helicopter Engineering 1 HE2 - Helicopter Engineering 2 AERONAUTICS 12 ////////