3 questions to Marie Delaroche, 3ᵉ year student & MDRS 293 crew captain!

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Since February 18, seven engineering students from ISAE-SUPAERO have been simulating Martian life and carrying out experiments in collaboration with CNES & several research laboratories at The Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in UTAH (USA)!

3 questions to Marie Delaroche, 3ᵉ year student & MDRS 293 crew captain!

For the second time, the mission is led by a woman: Marie Delaroche, a passionate #spaceexplorer, who was already part of crew 275, which left in 2023. We asked her 3 questions to find out more about the challenges of this mission and her feelings as #commander!

Alongside her, three young women and three young men in their 2ᵉ year of #engineering studies have taken on the roles of astronomer, scientist, botanist, journalist, health worker and onboard engineer. They are all members of the Mars Club ISAE-SUPAERO, a student association for the popularization of science focused on the Red Planet and the missions dedicated to its exploration and study.

They are currently experimenting with AI4U, the artificial intelligence that assists astronauts in their daily tasks (environmental measurements, voice recognition, emergency drills). Furthermore, they are also conducting a science popularization experiment in collaboration with secondary school pupils. Inspired by the film The Martian, in which an astronaut grows potatoes on the Red Planet, the aim of this experiment is to compare plant growth in Martian soil with growth in terrestrial soil!

To follow their adventure, click here: https://mars.bde-supaero.fr/

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Discover... the multidisciplinary test platform EMpEROR of ISAE-SUPAERO!
Research 2:29 min

Discover... the multidisciplinary test platform EMpEROR of ISAE-SUPAERO!

2:29 min

2 March 2023

Discover... the multidisciplinary test platform EMpEROR of ISAE-SUPAERO! ISAE-SUPAERO / SapienSapienS

The EMpEROR platform was born on the one hand, from the increasing consideration of aeroelastic phenomena in modern aeronautics, and on the other hand, from the synergy between the Aerodynamics, Energetics, and Propulsion (DAEP) and Structural Mechanics and Materials (DMSM) departments.
This platform has been designed and thought out to allow great modularity of metrology, around a rotor bench allowing to rotate from 1 to 6 blades, up to 1 meter in diameter, from 0 to 3000 rpm, and this in complete safety thanks to a 6-meter-long protective cage. It is equipped with several sensors for performance measurements, but also with a rotating vibrometry system for measuring the dynamics of the blades (this system is only used by two laboratories in Europe). The bench also makes it possible to embed measurement systems in the blades, but also in the coming months, systems to control these unstable phenomena.
Since 2020, this platform has also enabled two thesis students to work on aeroelastic phenomena, as well as 6 Master’s students. This platform also makes it possible to generate experimental databases used by ISAE-SUPAERO researchers to compare and validate their computer codes.
The equipment will increase in power in 2024 with the addition of the possibility of making Laser measurements, of the PIV or/and LDV type, as well as the possibility of manufacturing more complex blades with the hand on the flexibility of these.
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