Radiation projects

At ISAE SUPAERO, the Department of Electronics, Optronics and Signal Processing (DEOS) develops and realizes the payloads for the advanced aeronautics and space applications of tomorrow. The skills of its teams covers a wide range of technologies, from silicon sensors design to interplanetary science payloads, and from theoretical signal studies to advanced communication and navigation systems.

CIMI radiation projects

An isae-supaero image detector participating in the development of iter

Image credit : ITER

The FURHI_VGA detector is a colored image sensor with 10-bit digital readout in VGA format (contract in partnership with Fusion For Energy (F4E)). This detector is based on CMOS image sensors (CISs) for remote viewing and inspection during remote handling operations for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). For the European Union (EU), F4E is in charge of ITER, the largest scientific partnership in the world designed to demonstrate that fusion is a reliable, sustainable source of energy.

ITER is a civilian nuclear fusion reactor project located in Cadarache, in France’s Bouches-du-Rhône department. The research project is part of a long-term process aimed at the industrialization of nuclear fusion.

The FURHI_VGA detector is a radiation-hardened colored image sensor with 10-bit digital readout in VGA format.

Image credit : ITER

The images below were taken with the FURHI_VGA image detector produced by the CIMI research group. For informational purposes, a 100-Mrad dose of radiation is one thousand times greater than the highest doses of radiation usually encountered by the electronic components in space systems. The dose received by the electronic components in a satellite usually does not exceed a 100-krad limit

Image credit : MAGICS
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