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With two aspiring young women at the yoke, a trio of pilots, all belonging to the first year of the "Ingénieur ISAE-SUPAERO" (MSc) program took the skies on the 15th April for a week long, one of a kind European tour. The apparatus TB-20 was their instrument of transport along a 3800kms itinerary with planned layovers as ambassadors of ISAE-SUPAERO at the Lund University (Sweden) and Technische Universität Berlin (Germany).

Tour d'Europe

This year, Sarah Chuche (20 years), Elise Specty (19 years) and Corentin Lefloch (20 years) shared the piloting duties under the able supervision of the seasoned instructor Stéphane Juanéda. The latter is also the chief of the Centre of Aeronautics for the ISAE-SUPAERO which is muscled by a brand new fleet of 9 light weight aircrafts, frequently employed for imparting the practical knowledge on the Flight dynamics, Ergonomics, Flight Guidance and Navigation.

In addition, the Centre of Aeronautics caters to the indispensable requirement of being rigorously initiated to the world of Aeronautics.

All 1st year students of the "Ingénieur ISAE-SUPAERO" (MSc) program are required to undergo at least 2 flights: one for the first insight of the general mechanics and the other aimed at understanding practical flight dynamics flanked by a trained instructor.

The EuroTour not only helps these young pilots to promote their enriching educational experience at ISAE-SUPAERO but also helps to absorb the rudiments of autonomous flying experience.

However, there were many challenges to overcome: In addition to navigational difficulties (weather, fuel management, air-traffic and flight rules), the three pilots needed to efficiently communicate in English outside the French airspace.

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