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A partner since 2017, ATR has just renewed its partnership with the Institute. Now more than ever, school-company cooperation is essential for both signatories’ growth. Sadika Moussaoui, the new Human Resources Director at ATR, explains.

ATR sadika
Sadika Moussaoui, the new Human Resources Director at ATR

Could you present the ATR Group, its missions and its professions?

Regional connectivity is our passion. ATR is the world’s leading regional aircraft manufacturer. It is a jointly-held company with equal shares owned by two major European aviation firms: Airbus and Leonardo. This characteristic gives it a multicultural identity and a strength based on what these two giants have in terms of experience and know-how.
Since it was created in 1981, ATR has delivered over 1,500 aircraft to more than 200 airlines in 100 countries around the world, helping them to cover air routes that are essential for passengers and local communities.
We supply airlines with the most efficient, versatile, innovative and eco-friendly aircraft on the market, as well as our expertise and a range of services for their optimal operation. Innovation is in our blood – our airplanes were designed and built using turboprop technology, which means they consume less fuel than jet aircraft of a similar size, and therefore emit less CO2. Sustainable development is an integral part of our values.

Design (conception, design office, etc.), production (assembly line, etc.) and the program trades are the three main professional areas at ATR in which our operators, our technicians and our engineers work. These activities are backed up by a sales/marketing force that works in the worldwide airline market in various fields: sale of new and used aircraft, sale of support services (maintenance programs, pilot training, spare parts, data analysis, etc.) as well as our excellent support functions (finance, purchasing, human resources, communication; etc.) that encourage expertise and effectiveness. Our IT/Digital specialists guarantee and optimize the operations of the company’s IT systems and provide support for our digital transformation.

Why have a partnership with ISAE-SUPAERO?

ISAE-SUPAERO is a worldwide reference in training and research in the fields of aviation, space and associated systems.
The Institute provides very high-level training, develops an ambitious research strategy, deploys its strong reputation internationally and pursues a strong diversity policy.
For all these reasons, it was an obvious choice for ATR to work with a school with such a great reputation and that is active in the Toulouse area.

“It was an obvious choice for ATR to work with a school with such a great reputation and that is active in the Toulouse area.”

What strong points do ISAE SUPAERO students have?

The students at ISAE-SUPAERO have widely varying profiles in the aerospace field. Some are preparing engineering degrees, Advanced Masters or PhDs. Beyond the very high quality of these training programs, students are immersed into the corporate world and thus have an opportunity to put their knowledge to work. Three-year apprenticeships notably give companies time to help them grow. At the end of their studies, students find their rightful place in the job market.

What do you expect to get out of this partnership?

ISAE-SUPAERO and ATR have many shared values and ambitions. This partnership takes on a concrete form in the elaboration and implementation of an annual program of cooperation actions such as:

  • Campus actions aimed at students, mainly concerning recruitment/occupational integration/internships, training and international experience;
  • Actions in favor of innovation/entrepreneurship;
  • Actions in favor of social diversity;
  • Actions in the area of continuing education.

Sadika Moussaoui, the new Human Resources Director at ATR

With over 20 years of experience in HR positions in the Aircraft branch at the Airbus Group, Sadika Moussaoui was appointed the new Human Resources Director at ATR last September.
With a DESS degree in law and personnel management from the University of Toulouse, she joined the payroll department at Airbus in 1998 to begin her adventure in the aviation industry. She tells us her story.
“The late 1990s brought a new Airbus focused on European integration and meeting the challenges of globalization. This ambition piqued my curiosity, notably in the areas of cooperation, intercultural openness and living together in harmony; this became my leitmotif throughout my professional career.
I then worked with the legal and social relations teams at Airbus in France in company negotiations and labor relations management. I gained ten years of experience in this specialized field of the HR function that helped to forging my convictions concerning social dialogue.
Then I held the position of Human Resources Manager at an organization dedicated to industrial excellence at Airbus to develop a transnational HR policy for recruitment, team development, skills and talent management and compensation.
After that I became the Human Resources Director at the Airbus Nantes production site in 2015 and carried out a transformation for a collective group and its social, industrial and performance challenges.”

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