Interview with Sai Gowtam, 2nd year student in the MSc Aerospace Engineering

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First name : Sai Gowtam
Surname : SURESH
Age : 23
Country : INDIA, Visakhapatnam
Program : Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering
Major : Aerospace System & Control

Sai Gowtam was selected for the MOPGA Scholarship for his 2 years of Master at ISAE-SUPAERO. He shares with us his experience :

Photo du SURESH Sai Gowtam

Hi Sai Gowtam ! Could you introduce yourself?

I come from the east coast of India, a port city called Visakhapatnam. I did my Bachelor in Mechanical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (IIT Bhubaneswar). I was then accepted in the Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering at ISAE-SUPAERO and was granted the MOPGA Scholarship courtesy of the French Government.

Why did you choose ISAE-SUPAERO and apply for the Master of Science?

I am very passionate about the aviation sector so I wanted to pursue my studies by conducting a Master in Aeronautical engineering.
ISAE SUPAERO is one of the most renowned university in the world for Aerospace Engineering. My Professor and peers at IIT Bhubaneswar, introduced me to the Aerospace Engineering Masters course at ISAE SUPAERO. Upon further researching, I was inspired by the opportunities ISAE-SUPAERO offered through its industrial partnerships and the exposure to cutting edge research centers. This helped me finalize my decision of pursuing my Master degree at ISAE SUPAERO.

According to you, what are the main assets of the Master program?

Well the main asset of the Master Program of ISAE SUPAERO is its practical application-oriented courses. The program is well structured and updated with the ongoing trends and innovation in the Industry. The cutting-edge research facility and innovative projects offered is a windfall opportunity to any International student who wants to pursue Masters’ in Aerospace Engineering. The course is designed to give the freedom to explore and gives the flexibility to follow and learn what interests oneself. Apart from the academics the well-balanced student life at the campus with the opportunity to try out different sports and other activities and get introduced to different international cultures. I feel all this combined is an excellent course to begin your career with.

Can you tell us how did you hear about the MOPGA Scholarship?

I was contacted by the head of International Department who suggested that I apply to the MOPGA Scholarship offered by the French government. MOPGA for “Make Our Planet Green Again” is a scholarship dedicated to climate change research, highlighting the suitability of my past research profile for this scholarship.
Indeed, during my Bachelor thesis, I worked on biomimetics, a field of science dedicated to using natural phenomenons, such as systems and structures to solve human problems. In particular, I studied the biomimetics of fish to improve the design of underwater vehicles, such as by decreasing their energy consumption and reducing their carbon footprint.
I received the successful results in August. I was also offered the opportunity to organize and run online meetings and workshops with people from many different domains and cultures. These conferences allowed us to live a shared experience as we connected over our topic of discussion. It even opened some doors for future research-opportunities.

What is the benefit of a scholarship like MOPGA ?

It allowed me to come into contact with lots of people from different sectors, whose research and work helped me conduct my own research article. It helped me chose my major and what career path I wanted to take. It also helped me financially for the 2 years of master program in France.

Can you share with us what are your career plans?

In the long term, I want to stay in the Aviation sector because I am passionate about all the innovative projects in particular application of EVTOL(Electrical Vertical Take-Offs) Aircrafts in urban transport. I believe Aviation sector will play a major role in shaping the urban transport sector and I would like to be part of this next technological revolution. My dream job would be in aerospace sector in air mobility domain working with companies like LILIUM or VOLOCOPTER. Down the line I would like to return to my home country, India and would like to work in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), contributing in satellites control domain.

And how is your life on Campus ? !

About my life here, because of COVID-19, I didn’t get the chance to apply to many clubs but the campus offers many opportunities to try new hobbies such as scuba diving and skydiving! These are really great opportunities for students.
I was able to participate in the space section club, which offered insight into building your own rocket, which I believe to be a really unique student experience. Students get to gain knowledge on this great subject and it is a personal challenge to find sponsors and technologies that will work. Some students were able to visit companies and meet people to discuss their projects.
In addition, the French course offered, helped me to improve my language skills. This helped me interact with locals and understand daily life in France. Toolbox and Campus France was also very helpful for me to get my bearings and scholarship sponsored VISA.

What would you say to future applicants of the Master Program ?

I would definitely recommend to apply to the Masters Program at ISAE SUPAERO as I have gained professional experience and knowledge thanks to the opportunities and facilities here. I have found that this scholarship has opened my mind to this field of work and opened doors into this sector. I have now grown out of my shell to think outside of the box.

Thank you very much Sai Gowtam for your time !

There are different scholarships offered by the French Government, please check out Campus France or the French Diplomacy website for more information

In 2022 – The MOPGA Scholarship is only opened to PhD students but we must stay alert if any opportunity opens to Master students!

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