#InternationalDayOfWomensRights - Portrait of Neelam Shivhare

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Discover the second portrait of our series "Elles font l’ISAE-SUPAERO", that of Neelam Shivhare. ISAE-SUPAERO Alumni, she works at Airbus as "Propulsion Industrial Architect".


What is your position and what was decisive in your career to be in this position?

I work as a Propulsion Industrial Architect in Airbus SAS. As an Architect, we have diverse roles to play on several programs and projects within the company with primary objectives being: Defining the Industrial System Architecture, specifying the Requirements, collaborating with Engineering to build an efficient Product with feasibility to manufacture.

We have the onus to generate value for Airbus and Product recurring costs, lead times are very important levers in doing that. in short, Architects help translate Airbus strategy to become a fascinating reality.

As a student I had a fondness for Physics and Maths and later it developed further during my Masters studies at ISAE-SUPAERO. We had several interesting subjects in Aerospace Engineering domain and I loved to study Propulsion and Aerodynamics deeply. We had an amazing Professor for Propulsion at ISAE SUPAERO and it was always my favorite class in school. There was no doubt in me that I would work in Aircraft and Space Propulsion perimeter. And being self-aware of what I enjoy the most and where my talent lies, it was fairly clear for me to dive deep into it and work incessantly to be an Architect in Aircraft Propulsion field.

What do you think is important for the future ?

In my view- "Sustainable development" is the key. Everything that we do creates an impact on society and Environment. Hence, it is crucial to be mindful and aware of the repercussions and handle them smartly in early phases. Also, it is time to live for a balance. Not only in Professional space but in every dimension. In this era of rapid transformations and fast paced developments, we are almost at the tipping point where either we would save the earth or lose it all and only our generation can do anything to make a positive affect for the future ones to come!

Is there a woman who inspires you, who serves as a model or otherwise anything else inspiring ?

Yes I have been inspired by several personalities in my life. If we look carefully, we can find a little bit of us in everyone and learn something fresh from everyone.
Also, I meditate on my heart with a suggestion everyday and the real inspiration comes from within. The inspiration to excel in whatever I choose to do. I believe everyone has their "raison d’être" the real purpose, and we need to listen to that calling within. Listening to the heart, doing what I ought to with all honesty and love is the way I choose to live.

What do you think are the levers to improve the place and the share of women in society, the world of work, and increase the share of women in technological sciences?

I am glad you asked this question. I feel the world is changing and so is the place for women. In the 15th century the rules would penalize a girl for dressing like a boy and moving centuries ahead we have the freedom here. It all starts from grass root level changes. Education, awareness and upbringings really shape the impressionable children.

Taking a small example: who decides that Pink colour should be painted for a girl’s room and Blue colour for boy’s room? Who decides that little girls should play with dolls and not really robots? I never understand the limits and traditions that we have been following. I believe change begins there! At home, in schools and in discussions.
These mundane things somewhere limit the potentials and impression the minds of kids from an early age.
Now the first action begins at home for young kids: freedom to choose, freedom to discover the talents and grow up to be an individual without the sexist limits is the key to bring a massive change. We as a society can lead by example too. During over 6 years of my Aerospace study (BTech and Masters) I had more men in the classroom than girls. But it didn’t matter to me as I saw them all as young engineers. So, as long as our mindsets are shaped without limitations, there is no limit that can stop us.

The way out in my opinion is to decide what we want to do at an individual level first. Once we have the conviction to do something, no matter what stereotypes, what beliefs, what traditions stop you from doing what you like; you summon the power and strength to overcome it. If every girl chooses to listen to the real self and not follow the masses, I don’t think it is impossible to acheive whatever they aim to.

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