Human-Robot Interaction : an online video game to collect important scientific data

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Would you like to participate in the crucial research activities in the field of Human-Robot interaction? We welcome you to contribute through a session in our online Video-Game "Firefighter Robot"!

Your inputs during the mission would help us in collecting useful data concerning the human reaction and behavior during a complex task. The game was conceived with an idea of being both captivating and intuitive while emulating a hard task. Assuming the role of a Firefighter, the player must extinguish the maximum amount of fires using a dedicated firefighting equipment. This equipment is capable of working in complete autonomy but need sometime help from the human operator! So, pay attention on take over the robot when this one is in manual mode! But, do not forget to manage water and power supply during mission !

Persevere to get the best score! Your contribution would help us to improve our future intelligent camarades.

HoRIzON: driving Human-Robots InteractiONs

Visuel FireFighter Robot #1

Developed within the research division of Dassault Aviation at ISAE-SUPAERO, the project HoRizON (driving Human-Robots InteractiONs) treats the problems arising from the Human-Robot interaction (Human-Machines).

The research activity aims at improving the performances of the systems comprising this interaction such as to guarantee an optimal solution. Among the worst case scenarios, cases where the performances of both artificial agents and humans are compromised will be considered.

This research activity is led by the researchers of Department of Aerospace Design and Control (DCAS) of ISAE-SUPAERO: Nicolas DROUGARD, Caroline CHANEL, Raphaëlle ROY, Sébastien SCANNELLA and Frédéric DEHAIS. This will, consequently help improving the conditions at work and the performances of the system operators. (or robots/drones).

Firefighter Robot: A very accessible tool to collect scientific data

Visuel FireFighter Robot #2

In order to bolster their research activities, the team of DCAS at ISAE-SUPAERO puts a special accent on numerous tools, developed within their own laboratory. For fulfilling their technical and equipment requirements, the team has introduced a novel concept to collect scientific data, pivotal to their research. The novelty finds itself in the conception of a mini online video-game under the name of Firefighter Robot, made accessible to all through an open participative platform.

The game consists of a forest-fire extinguishing operation, a theme supposed to attract a wide interest, entangling the player in stressful situations to successfully accomplish the complex tasks within a stipulated time.

The principle motive of the research is to propose an intelligent firefighting equipment system handled by a human operator which can become autonomous in its functionality talking into considerations the probable mishaps to the operator. This tool will help to collect useful data in order to design and to apply algorithms from the Artificial Intelligence domain. These algorithms should consequently drive the human-machine interactions while optimizing the system’s performance.

The game was launched in January 2018 and is planned to be online for around a year. Meanwhile, it will continue to be the object of interest for respective research evolution.

To play the ISAE-SUPAERO game: Human-Robot Interaction

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