Aviation Safety: Aircfraft Airworthiness Advanced Master

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In an international aeronautical market increasingly complex and together with the emergence of new flying vehicles, AIRCRAFT SAFETY is economically and strategically one of the key issue for all players of the sector.

The Advanced Master Aviation Safety: Aircraft Airworthiness (ASAA), unique in Europe, is offered in partnership with ENAC, Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile, and Ecole de l’Air.

Our future students are trained in techniques and challenges related to safety and certification of aircraft. It also includes certification of technological innovations such as electric hybrid aircraft and VTOLs. This Advanced Master has been conceived for and with the main actors of the aeronautical industry, from large companies to smaller ones.

The Advanced Master ASAA is a one year program organized around companies’ visits, theorical approaches with interventions by experts of the domain and practical classes within 6 months dedicated to a professional thesis.

ASAA actualités

From initial design, through maintenance, to operations, students acquire an exhaustive view of futur aircraft safety issues together with a deep knowledge of regulations, methods, and technics applied to airworthiness implemented in the aeronautical industries and safety agencies.

With projects management led in semi-autonomy, students achieve a strong culture in areonautical safety and develop skills such as team work, communication, and negotiation. Skills that are required in guarantying the success of their future projects.
Example of projects : analysis of aeronautical accidents which have a strong impact on the evolution of design and certification principles, on the certification procedure related to increase in aircraft passengers increase, on the certification procedure of avionic modifications.

While performing their professional thesis, students have the opportunity to put into practice all the skills acquired during classes, on topics such as :
-  Study of the future regulations impact and their implementation to cyber safety applied to on-board systems
-  Certifiability analysis for Urban Air Mobility vehicles or eletrical rotorcraft under the frame of EASA performance-based approach
-  Development of a working procedure for Safety Analysis Implementation with multiple airworthiness applications at a DOA
-  Development of the certification program of CS-23 full-electric aircraft
-  Implementation of EASA regulation about definition of the level of involvement of the authority in compliance demonstration for aircraft certification program

With competencies learned and acquired in aeronautical engineering, in certification and aircfraft airworthiness, our ASAA graduates are offered a wide range of job opportunities within civil and military sector in France and worldwide :
- Airworthinees engineer, Certification Engineer…
- within manufacturing companies, areonautical safety authorities, airlines companies...

This Advanced Master, fully taught in english, is dedicated to scientific profiles, from young graduates to experimented professionals. No aeronautic pre-requisites.

Next application deadline online : April 27th.

Contact : info-masters at isae-supaero.fr

Testimony – Hadrienne GUERIN
Graduated in 2017 – Airworthiness Certification Manager – THALES

"I was part of the MS ASAA 2017 promotion, after having graduated from an Aeronautical Engineering School.
This Specialised Master was for me an important step in my education : the master comes back, in one year time, on aircraft and systems design and enters in details on how they are certified, operated, maintained.

I think this makes our profiles very attractive for Aeronautical Companies. We get a broad technical knowledge and a serious "Airworthiness Culture" which are prized and enable us to get a wide range of job opportunities.

Right after graduating from MS ASAA, I joined Thales, a French Equipment Manufacturer, as Airworthiness Certification Manager. With equipment mounted on multiple Aeroplanes and Helicopters, which each have their Certification specificities, the MS ASAA gave me a solid basis to progress in this passionating job."

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