Airexpo 2019 puts women in the spotlight

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The 33e AirExpo airshow, organized by students from ISAE-SUPAERO and ENAC, has offered a spectacular show to all aviation lovers. 9 hours of aeroplane performances, including a masterly demonstration from the Patrouille de France. It was an exclusive technical prowess presented for the first time to the public.

The weather was a bit erratic on this Saturday 11th but didn’t prevent this edition to offer a great aircraft parade. This year, female pilots were honored thanks to the presence of the AFFP (french association of female pilots) and to Commander Sophie, the first helicopter test pilot at DGA (french defense procurement agency), who was the event’s godmother.

Photo PAF
Patrouille de France / Credit : Gwen Bolivan

The main program of the day was the presentation of many aircrafts including three legends : the Patrouille de France and its 9 Alpha jets presenting their new epic show, the Dassault Rafale Solo Display and the EVAA (Aerobatics team of Air Force). The students of ISAE-SUPAERO and ENAC also demonstrated their skills by piloting their two respective twin-engines : the Partenavia P-68 Observer and the Beechcraft BE-58 and shared their passion with the public.

What do you know about AirExpo?

A bit of history : the AirExpo airshow exists for 30 years and is set up every year. First implanted at the Lasbordes aerodrome, it is now organized at Muret-Lherm aerodrome for public and infrastructure capacity reasons. Our first year students from ISAE-SUPAERO and ENAC are in charge of all the organisation and make the magic happen!

In the meantime, we were also honored by the presence of* :

The Dassault Rafale Solo display, which is one of the ambassadors of the French Air Force, like the Patrouille de France, and has been present in many meetings since its creation in 2009.

The North American P51 "Mustang", world war two fighter bomber during the England battle and the Boeing Stearman, 30’s american biplane used during the pilots’ training.

The North American T6 "Texan", training aircraft, also used during world war two.

The acrobats (Pitts & Extra 260S), famous biplane shown along with a single-seat used in high level aerobatic competition.

Airbus A330 NEO, Airbus’ most recent aircraft.

Here are of few pictures of this beautiful day:

Photo Partenavia P-68 Observer - ISAE
Partenavia P-68 Observer / Credit Céline Poveda
Photo Beechcraft BE-58 - ENAC
Beechcraft BE-58 - Credit : Jean-Marc Larroque
Photo Dassault Rafale Solo Display
Dassault Rafale Solo Display / Credit : Jean-Marc Larroque
North American P51 "Mustang et Boeing Stearman
North American P51 "Mustang and Boeing Stearman / Credit : Caroline Alvarez
Photo North American T6 "Texan"
North American T6 "Texan" / Credit : Caroline Alvarez
Photo The Acrobats (le Pitts et Extra 260S)
The Acrobats : The Pitts and the Extra 260S / Credit : Jean-Marc Larroque
Photo Airbus A330NEO
Airbus A330 NEO / Credit : Jean-Marc Larroque

*Non-exhaustive list

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