TSAE scholarships: student stories

Hanae, Pierre and Gabriel are some of the students who have benefited from the scholarships financed by the Toulouse Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering, coordinated by ISAE-SUPAERO in cooperation with ENAC and ONERA. Here are their stories.

  • Matthias P., 3rd year student at ENAC

Since the thought of pursuing a research career had been in my mind for several years, doing
an internship in a research laboratory between my second and third year of engineering school
was a very logical decision, at least in order to have a first experience in this field.
The financial support of EUR TSAE allowed me to spend more than three months working in
the GNSS laboratory of the University of Colorado Boulder (USA), where I took part in
carrying out a work that has been presented at the ION GNSS+ 2019 meeting in Florida.
Given that this first research experience has been very positive in many ways, it is certain that
I now consider a PhD as my preferred option after my engineering diploma.

  • Hanae, 2020 ISAE-SUPAERO Engineer

"I came to ISAE-SUPAERO notably because of my interest in everything dealing with space and I wasn’t really planning on going into research. Thanks to the Project of Initiation to Research in my second year of engineering training, to the professors and to the content of the courses concerning deterministic mathematics, I progressively took an interest in research.

With my professor’s help, I took a research path that notably included an internship at the Technische Universität München (TUM), which I was able to do with financing from the EUR TSAE. This experience abroad really let me discover the research world (in the field of control theory). I received a warm welcome there and I was very independent, but I also had regular, productive exchanges with the tenured professor.

An article is being written, I hope to complete it in July and really pursue my PhD at the end of my program, in October 2020."

  • Pierre, 2016 ENAC Engineer

"At first I wanted to take up an engineering career. But at the presentation of the different Masters at ENAC, I changed directions to go into operational research, where the program also offered a Project of Initiation to Research (PIR), which was great for me given my goal of discovering the research environment.

Something kind of went click and then, thanks to a teacher and a former ENAC doctoral student who now works at GISTDA (Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency) in Thailand, I left for a 3-month internship with financial support from the EUR TSAE. The atmosphere was wonderful, between the personal work and exchanges with others.

I am going to finish my studies at ENAC by an end-of-studies internship on a subject that comes from a partnership between ENAC and Airbus Helicopters on the optimization of helicopter approach procedures to reduce noise. If everything goes well, I will pursue a PhD on a CIFRE contract."

  • Gabriel, 2016 ENAC Engineer

"Personally, I discovered the beauty of mathematics in prep school and that’s no doubt where my taste for abstraction comes from. I wanted to go to a high-level, non-generalist school with strong technical content. After the entrance exams, I chose ENAC and turned to the technical program (majoring in telecommunications). I really enjoyed the computer courses and I discovered the school’s computer labs. I then decided to follow my initial project for a career in research.

After a highly productive Project of Initiation to Research (PIR), I was able to have a 3-month internship at the University of Westminster, thanks to EUR TSAE financing, which enabled me to take part in a scientific conference with proceedings.

I want to definitively go into research. I’m going to have an internship at INRIA Saclay in theoretical research (program proof in the Lambda-Pi-calculus modulo) and I then plan to continue with a PhD."

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