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ISAE-SUPAERO offers online courses called MOOC, which are 100 % distance learning on subjects such as flight mechanics or structural dynamics!

ISAE-SUPAERO online courses

Make ISAE-SUPAERO’s expertise in aerospace training available to the greatest number and contribute effectively to the distribution of knowledge!

MOOC flight mechanics

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Airplanes have been flying for just over a century. And, in fact, flight often defies the intuition of the earthly animal that we are. How does an airplane fly and how can we prevent it from getting out of control? How far can it rise into the sky? This MOOC will try to answer these questions with passion, simplicity and scientific rigor, using visual explanations, realistic scenarios and simulations, and limiting itself to the mathematical formalism that is accessible to a student in the final year of science.

More than 10000 people have engaged in an introductory learning of the flight mechanics since this MOOC went online.

Through a 100% distance learning system consisting of :

  • video sequences covering theoretical and practical concepts of the flight mechanics,
  • of interactive exercises,
  • of filmed experiments,
  • of instrument flight,
  • of tests allowing an efficient evaluation of skills,
  • of reactive tutoring led by the pedagogical team,

are delivered the great principles of understanding how an airplane flies.

What will you learn?

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

Flight mechanics: lift and drag
  • Define and make appropriate use of the magnitudes of flight mechanics (incidence, slope, attitude, etc.)
  • Understand how an aircraft flies and describe the forces that act on it in balance and during maneuvers in flight
  • Describe and design the origin of aerodynamic forces on a wing
  • Describe the standard atmosphere and explain the effect of altitude on the flight characteristics of an aircraft
  • Explain the origin of the limits of the flight domain of an aircraft
  • Roughly size the lifting surfaces of an aircraft and the power of its engine
  • Evaluate the take-off distance and its climb gradient, especially in case of engine failure

Disciplines covered

  • Flight mechanics (solid mechanics)
  • Aerodynamics

Next sessions

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