Would you like to simultaneously develop your INNOVATION and INTRApreneurial / ENTREpreneurial spirit while acquiring expertise in technology project management? We have the perfect program for you!

The Advanced Master “Management de Projets Innovants et Entrepreneuriat” (MS MGPIE) is an ISAE-SUPAERO program accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) under n°1188.

N.B.: this program will be offered entirely in English for the start of the 2024 academic year. MGPIE has become the Advanced Master IEM - “Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management”, and is getting its accreditation renewed by the CGE.

The unique proposition of this master is to create transformative leaders with a dual skill: to understand the market and the technology. ISAE-SUPAERO is the perfect place to get immersed into the customer needs as well as the industry means. On the one hand, master technology and know the industry like an engineer. On the other hand, demonstrate business acumen and an ability to innovate specific to entrepreneurs.

Romain Buqet - Head of IEM Advanced Master

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management Advanced Master

The aim of the “INNOVATION, ENTREPRENEURSHIP & MANAGEMENT Advanced Master is to simultaneously develop an innovation and INTRApreneurship / ENTREpreneurship spirit. This program also provides with an expertise in technological projects management.

In accordance with the ISAE-SUPAERO Innovation and development strategy, this program is a unique opportunity to quickly acquire the tools to manage innovative projects as a whole, from the emergence of an idea to its commercialization.

This Management of Innovative Projects and Entrepreneurship master degree is both dedicated to young graduates and experimented professionals, having a personal project to develop or willing to manage technical projects in an innovative way. Our students benefit from an entrepreneurship, digital and technical coaching and from access to ISAE-SUPAERO’s InnovSpace (space dedicated to innovation and incubation) throughout their training.


The INNOVATION, ENTREPRENEURSHIP & MANAGEMENT Advanced Master offers passionating professional opportunities with promising outlooks: Project Manager Officer (PMO), head of innovative project, head of innovative and technologic development (CTO in charge of technical innovation and technologies deployment), startuper...

Download the AM IEM brochure!

Pedagogy, job opportunities, applications... download the AM IEM brochure to get more information about this program!

Discover our start-ups in aerospace domain

Find out more about our start-ups hosted in Innvospace, our incubator and fablab, and our start-ups created and developped in Toulouse by ISAE-SUPAERO’s alumni.

The Advanced Master is accessible to persons with disabilities (PSH).
In the event that a learner is in a situation of disability, his or her needs (whatever they are educational, material, technical, human, etc.) are taken into account by the ISAE-SUPAERO’s Disability Advisor. ISAE-SUPAERO provides the expertise, the tools, and the networks needed to facilitate the access to premises and resources, to prepare certifications and take examinations.

For more information:

Financial support

Scholarships for the IEM “Innovation Entrepreneurship and Management” program

In partnership with SAFRAN, ISAE-SUPAERO is offering 2 scholarships:
⁃ full tuition fees,

Application process for IEM Advanced Master Scholarships:

1 ⁃ Apply for the IEM Advanced Master (previously called MGPIE) on the application website. Please check the list of documents expected here.

2 ⁃ After validating your application online for the IEM Advanced Master, please send your motivation letter for the scholarship at info-programmes at with the following title: “Application for the IEM Scholarship”.

Within this letter, you are expected:
- to explain your strong interest for innovation,
- to precise your career goals and their relevance to the IEM program,
- to demonstrate your ability to innovate and be creative (have you already developed/worked on innovative projects?),
- to provide any information you deem relevant to mention to the scholarship committee.

3 - Eventually, under the condition you have been preselected, you will be then invited be for an interview online.


Solène Chrisy Raharison - 2020/2021

I chose the IEM - Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management Advanced Master because I wanted to acquire skills in project management and management of a start-up. I didn’t know if I wanted to go into entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship. I was able to find my way throughout the master’s program. Moreover, ISAE-SUPAERO has a reputation in France and abroad, which makes a difference on your CV.

The master’s degree allowed me to anchor and deepen the knowledge and skills necessary for an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. The innovative exploratory project allows us to directly apply the courses in the best way possible: in a team on an innovative technological project that we care about. It allows you to acquire a real entrepreneurial experience! Moreover, all subjects are allowed, from space to medical, including... the classical dance tip.

Before entering the IEM, I wanted to work in the space field. But the master’s degree has opened the doors to other sectors, still little known but with a promising future like innovation management consulting. Here, technology is at the service of strategy: I have a global vision of the company and the objective is to guide it towards the future. I use the concepts and soft skills acquired during the master’s degree on a daily basis. I would like to continue guiding and advising innovative projects and companies, whether in an incubator or in the innovation unit of a company”.


Watch the replay of our last live

Think out of the box (webserie in French)

Presentation of the IEM* by Philippe Girard, Head of the program!

Elvire Prochilo, expert in innovation management and entrepreneurship & coach of the Advanced Master IEM

Bérengère Ferrier, expert in innovation marketing and lecturer in the Advanced Master IEM


We are looking for committed professionals. This program can transform your career, and it only works if you are fully committed to the program and to your team, with whom you will conduct an innovative project all year long. You also need to be open to need horizons, cultures and perspectives. Finally, you need to have strong interpersonal skills, because you can build here a professional network for life!

Romain Buquet - Head of IEM Advanced Master

Apply now

to the IEM Advanced Master

Please note that VAE scheme is not offered for this Advanced Master diploma. However, you may be eligible to apply for the program without the required diploma (Bachelor or Master) if you have a significant professional experience in the targeted or a related field. To get more information, contact info.exed at

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