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Collaborating closely with aerospace industry partners, the "Internship and Career" department actively helps ISAE-SUPAERO students find internships and jobs.

Companies recruiting our students

non exhaustive
- A Accenture, Aerazur, Aéroconseil, Air Force Navy, Air France Industries, Airbus, Airbus Helicopter, AKKA Technologies, ALTRAN, AMAC Aerospace, APSYS, AQYLIN, Ariane Group, Arianespace, ASSYSTEM, Assystem Technologies, Astek, ATKINS, Atos origin, ATR-Aircraft, AVIC (China), AXS,
-  B Bertin, Blue bird aviation (Kenya), Brasilian Air Force,
- D DAHER, Dassault, Dassault Aviation, DGA essais en vol, DGAC, DIODON, DLR (Germany), DRONEAERO,
- E EASA, EGIS AVIA, Elron Consulting, Embraer (Brésil), ESA, Eurilogic, Eutelsat,
- F Flying Whales, FRISBEE,
- G Groupe ORTEC, GTD International (Spain),
-  H Hal (India),
-  I INPE (Brazil),
-  L La Marine Nationale, Latécoère, Liebherr Aerospace, Lilium GMBH, Luxembourd Space Telecommunication,
-  M MBDA, Ministère de la défense, Motorola,
-  N Naval Group, NEOPTERA,
-  P Pipistrel (Slovenia), PRAGMA Consult, PSA,
-  R Renault, RUAG Aerospace Structures,
-  S Sabena Technics, SAFRAN Aircraft Engines, Safran Transmission Systems, Scalian, Seditec, Segula, SES ASTRA, Sigfox, Singapore Air Force, Sodern, Sogeti, Sopra Steria Space, Star Engineering,
- T Thales, Thales Alenia, Transport Canada,

Alumni testimonials

Find out what ISAE-SUPAERO Advanced Master’s Alumni have to say about our programs.

Michael TANIS, France, Project manager A320 NEO, graduated in 2015

"After five years of working experience in the chemical industry, I completed the Advanced Master AMPAS in order to enter the aeronautical industry and work on the projects I have always been interested in: airplane production and assembly.

I chose ISAE for its international renown, the industrial pertinence of its courses, and its top notch teachers.

I also chose it for the strong links the school has with the key players in this industry. Participating in the AMPAS program is a great opportunity to gain expertise in specific aeronautical technologies and processes and to acquire knowledge about global industrial organisation and optimization tools.

One strong asset of this Advanced Master’s program is to provide the possibility of acquiring industrial skills focused on specific aeronautical technologies such as the forming of composite and metal materials. Another is that the theoretical classes are combined with laboratory sessions and visits to companies. This organisation allows the students to have an overview of the classroom vision of the technology and its on-the-job use in an industrial environment. Not to be overlooked, the master’s program is conducted in English, providing the students with the opportunity to be prepared to work in an international environment.

The six-month internship, which brings the Master’s program to a close, puts classroom theory into practice. I worked on the restructuration project of the A380 Final Assembly Line. Thanks to this opportunity, after graduation I was able to integrate the A320 Final Assembly Line as a project manager for the NEO (New Engine Option) program. I am responsible for the coordination of the industrial ramp up activities. My other responsibilities include the coordination of projects deployed to mitigate the industrial disruptions inherent in the introduction of a new program. My next challenge would be to lead a team in a long-term industrial project, managing a group of people towards achieving the project’s goals."

Bertrand LAPORTE, France, Head of MTECH services -MTechnologie, Graduated in 2015

"I chose the Aeronautical Maintenance and Support Advanced Master’s program because I wanted to be trained in the aeronautical way of working, and adapt my skills in trouble shooting and maintenance team management to aeronautical standards.

My objectives were to transfer my former experience of service manager in other industry to Aeronautical Service Manager.

IN terms of my internship, the main assets of the program are configuration management & MSG-3 analysis (on A320Neo CFM Nacelle until Maintenance Working Group ).

In terms of my actual work, the main strengths are Ground Support Equipment (Project Leader for A320Neo AIRBUS US Mobile facility), then Trouble shooting, Human Factors and Organisation of a maintenance department ( Service Manager).

My current career plans include building a team and managing the Service Department concerning France, Spain and Belgium within the Broetje-Automotion Group".

Jitendra SINGH, India, 2015-2016 student

"I have worked in the aerospace industry for over 15 years in India, Europe and USA. I had started my career in Indian Defence Organisation, and was also the Program Manager of India’s first Regional Jet program (NCAD).

In recent years, I was deployed to Military Flight Test environment at Indian Air Force Test squadrons.

Therefore, I came to study at ISAE SUPAERO to develop my expertise in the area of Flight testing & certification particularly of Civil aircraft.

I would like to thank Mr Philippe Galaup for recommending me the FTE course; his advice was very well timed and helped me make a decision to come to the school. About 10 years ago, I also graduated with a Masters of Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), and did an internship at ETH Zurich Switzerland.

The rigorous program was imparted by the Test Pilots, Flight Test Engineers and Industry Experts from Airbus/Dassault/EPNER/DGA CEV/ONERA/Airbus Helicopters. As an FTE, we flew 4 types of aircraft at 3 different airfields with 4 Pilots. We performed various Flight test Experiments that included Airspeed calibration, Aircraft performance, Handling qualities, Acceptance and Evaluation flight. Apart from the flight experiments, the ground courses were of high scientific caliber and demanded academic excellence; which was aimed to bring out the best in us.

Thanks to Prof Eric Poquillion (the Head of FTE ) for his rich expertise in Flight testing and certification, who himself is a graduate from EPNER (French Test Pilots School). I am grateful to Supaero that I have an exciting internship at CFM LEAP Flight Test Team to support the flight test campaign of Airbus A320 NEO program at its flight test center in Toulouse. My experience wouldn’t be complete if I don’t mention the the impressive Sports facilities and multitude of clubs at Supaero. I particularly enjoyed my time at Football, Swimming, and Ping-Pong club.

My career plan is to continue to build my expertise in the field of flight testing and contribute to the development and testing of efficient technologies for the field of aviation. I am particularly interested to work in the field of civil / business aviation."

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