Discover the detailed program of the 2021 ISAE-SUPAERO OPEN DAYS!



DAEP - Department of Aerodynamics, Energetics and Propulsion

Non-stop, 10 am to 6 pm

  • Turbomachine & Propulsion
    Visit to the Museum with aircraft engines, a presentation of the research facilities, helicopter compressors and electric propulsion.
    Building 39, Museum / DGEN
  • Subsonic wind tunnel
    Demonstrations in educational wind tunnels based on aircraft wing aerodynamics: lift, drag, wingtip vortexes and stall.
    Building 38, Subsonic Wind Tunnel Hall
  • Digital Simulation
    Presentation of research activities for digital simulation in fluid mechanics.
    Building 38, Hall
  • Shock Tube
    Experiment carried out in partnership with CEA, seeking to provide understanding of the mechanisms governing instability in the nuclear fusion process in order to be able to counter them over the long term and thus to gain access to this nearly inexhaustible source of energy.
  • Shock Tube Room – Building 38
    Presentation of activities on aeroacoustics, introduction to the acoustics facilities.
    AeroAcoustic Wind Tunnel – Building 38

DMSM - Department of Mechanics of Structures and Materials

Non-stop, 10 am to 6 pm

  • 3D PRINTER Workshop – a bridge between teaching and research
    Initial computer demonstration of CAD parts and then presentation of the real parts produced. Introduction to our 3D printers. Presentation of the original materials in a closed display and results after solidification.
    38 064
  • AIRCUBE1 dismantlable drone
    Video with a student present: Shared emotion with an ISAE-SUPAERO student who designed, produced and flies a dismantlable drone.
    38 064
  • In-flight vibration
    Analysis of a vibrating structure
    Hall 38 066
  • Clean structures for tomorrow
    The structures of tomorrow are being designed today to resist wear and tear, and to be dismantlable and recyclable. For this, they are being made lighter through the choice of light, resistant materials and eliminating bolts. They are designed so they can be dismantled to reduce their environmental impact from the production stage. An example is this wing made of composite materials from the S3PAC research program.
    Hall 38 071
  • COSMOS 2099: Living on the Moon
    Use of lunar materials to build a moonbase and to live on the Moon
    Hall 38 071
  • Image Correlations
    Stereo-correlation / human vision: use of light for the 3D observation of deformations in materials without touching them
    Hall 38 071
  • Metal Machining Workshop
    Cutting and engraving of shopping cart tokens that visitors can take home with them
    Mechanics Workshop 38 083
  • Workshop of the Future
    A 30-minute guided tour of the additive production machine by groups of 10 people maximum
    Meeting place: Main Hall 38
  • The infinitely small in 3D
    Electronic microscope observations
    Room 38 142 (1st floor) – 10 am to 4 pm
  • Aeromodelling Club
    Presentation of the 1/30th scale model of the A350-1000 and project for the current year
    In front of Building 38 – 10 am to 12 pm


DCAS - Department of Aerospace Vehicle Design and Control

  • Manned and Robotic Space Exploration
    A look at space exploration with the SaCLaB, the M.A.R.S. club and the AIM experiment
    Hall of the Building
  • SUPAERO Space Section
    Presentation of their work and the rockets .
    Hall of the Building


DCAS - Department of Aerospace Vehicle Design and Control

DISC - Department of Complex Systems Engineering

  • Demonstrations and exhibition of drones and embedded systems
    Drones are commonly used in teaching and research, and they are increasingly found in the civil sector. You will be welcomed to the drone exhibition room where a number of sometimes surprising models will be presented. You will discover embedded systems that make these machines smart and autonomous.

Demonstrations at:
10 am / 10:30 am / 11 am / 11:30 am / 12 pm
2 pm / 2:30 pm / 3 pm / 3:30 pm / 4 pm / 4:30 pm / 5 pm

Room 07-008, 07-009

DCAS - Department of Aerospace Vehicle Design and Control

  • Flutter visualization and control
    Presentation of an experiment on the control of vibrational modes on flexible wings
    Room 07-008
  • "Robot Firefighter Game"
    Use the remote control to operate a mobile robot with the "Robot Firefighter Game".
    Room 07-008

DISC - Department of Complex Systems Engineering

  • SMARTIES Demonstration, a simulator for the study of avionics systems
    An avionics system cannot be summed up by one simple computer, but rather by a multitude of computer components that communicate with each other. SMARTIES propose a complete architecture to faithfully reproduce and test complex avionics systems in order to study certain properties (such as electricity consumption, fault tolerance, reliability, etc.).
    Room 07-046
  • TRUST: Tamper-proof Random nUmber Generator for SaTellite
    Generating random numbers is necessary for many applications, notably in security, to generate cryptographic keys or secure passwords, for example. Trust is a system for generating the random data used on nanosatellites. Using data from the sensors, the random data are generated and then signed before being sent to Earth in a format that ensures their authenticity and integrity. A proof-of-calculation mechanism has been added to check that the data do indeed come from valid cryptographic functions.
    Room 07-008
  • TOAD: ThreshOld Anonymous Decryption scheme (Blockchains)
    Beyond cryptocurrencies, blockchains are applications used in various kinds of critical distributed systems. In this demonstration, we will show how a blockchain can be used to distribute cryptographic keys between n people in such a way that an encrypted message can only be decrypted if at least k (<n) people in the group participate honestly in the decryption. We will demonstrate that at no time can a person with malicious intent access the deciphered the message on their own.
    Room 07-047

Student Clubs

  • Supaero Robotik Club
    Presentation of the robots used during the 2019 Coupe de France, demonstrations vs teams made up of alumni. General presentation of the club’s objectives.
    Hall of Building 7, ground floor
  • Rêve Ailes Club
    Presentation of the club’s activities, including construction and popularization.
    Hall of Building 7, ground floor
  • 4L Trophy
    Presentation of the club’s activities.
    Hall of Building 7, ground floor
  • CubeSat SUPAERO
    Presentation of the club’s activities
    Hall of Building 7, ground floor

DEOS - Department of Electronics, Optronics and Signal Processing

Building 7 – Level 1

  • Information hidden in our signals
    Learn about the electromagnetic signals that are all around us using signal processing techniques. Whether for radar or telecommunications, how do we pick out information of interest? How can we protect it?
    Room 07.139
  • Image sensors, keeping an eye on the world
    Presentation of the different steps in producing a CMOS image sensor for scientific and space applications and illustrations of their applications for observing Earth and climate effects. Presentation of the "Cloud Chamber" with a display of radioactive particles passing through matter in the form of contrails.
  • What machines can perceive
    Robots, whether physical or virtual, are part of our everyday lives. They can perceive a vast amount of data on their environment, analyze them and call upon their memory to make the best decisions in order to take action in our physical world and interact with us.
    At the "What machines can perceive" workshop, you can discovery the sensory aspects of computers.
  • Space Instruments for Planetary Applications
    We will present the SSPA team’s experiments: the Mars microphone, Insight, infrasound balloons, PIONEERS


Department of Engineering Programs

  • “Toward infinity and beyond!”
    Come and discover all the possibilities available with our Engineering and Engineering Apprenticeship Programs (admission methods, defining your curriculum, career opportunities, etc.).
  • “My E-Student Life at ISAE-SUPAERO” Circuit

- Conferences about the "Engineering Cycle"
By Caroline Berard, head of engineering programs at ISAE-SUPAERO
Amphitheater 2 // And Live Youtube:
- at 11:15 AM / Youtube link
- at 3 PM / Youtube link
Amphitheater presentation: the Ingénieur ISAE-SUPAERO Program

- Campus visit with a student
Meet in front of the Forum 10:30 am / 12:15 pm / 2:15 pm / 4 pm

Masters and Advanced Masters® Programs

  • "Let your career take off!"
    Information on the Advanced Master®, Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering and Executive Education programs

- Presentation by Didier Delorme, Director of Masters Programs.
12 pm: Presentation of the Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering
11:15 am and 2 pm: Presentation of the Advanced Masters® programs offered in the fields of Aeronautics, Space, Complex Systems, Production, Digital and Project Management
Rooms 61 101 and 61 102

- Discussions with the Heads of the Master and Advanced Master® Programs
Rooms 61 103, 61 110, 61 111 (go to the Forum beforehand)

- Webinar: Presentation of the Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering at 4 pm (French time)
Presentation of the MSc in Aerospace Engineering, Q&A session
Presentation of the MSc in Aerospace Engineering and its majors, Q&A session

Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Center

CAST is an innovative application developed by ISAE-SUPAERO that measures an airplane’s climate impact by taking into account all the phases of its life cycle.
Hall in front of Building 7

OSE l’ISAE-SUPAERO (Student Diversity Program), the ISAE-SUPAERO equal opportunity program, offers 15-minute sessions during which young people can take part in several activities for discovering the senses.
Rooms 05 036 and 05 037

Providing support for those who want to imagine the future
A Foundation at ISAE-SUPAERO? Come and discover its actions with an original “Game of the Goose”!
Hall in front of Building 7

Pedagogical innovation and digital learning at ISAE-SUPAERO
Presentation and demonstration of projects carried out by the IDEA team – Digital Innovation for Aerospace Education – in charge of pedagogical innovation and digital learning products and platforms.
Hall of Building 61 – closed between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm

Department of Internationals Relations
Information booth and quizzes to test your international knowledge
Hall of Building 61


DAEP - Department of Aerodynamics, Energetics and Propulsion

The Mermoz Drone project seeks to participate in the development of breakthrough technologies for electric aviation. Crossing the South Atlantic with an unmanned aircraft whose wingspan measures approximately 4 meters and which uses hydrogen propulsion, would be a first step toward the development of larger low-carbon airplanes for air transport.
Visits every 30 minutes – sign up at Reception
13:30 pm / 2 pm / 2:30 pm / 3 pm


LACS – Department of Languages, Arts, Cultures and Societies

Installation: "Hour after hour in the cabin" / Free access
Projections of images, texts, music and videos from the work carried out by student engineers for the "Arts & Cultures" module directed by Yves Charnet (professor and author)
Thesis Room

ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA Alumni AssociationExhibition

  • “1961-2021 Toulouse, a success in aerospace decentralization”
    Hall of the Central Building


  • Visit to the Fablab
    Production of small objects using laser cutting
    Meeting with the start-ups Diodon, Hinfact, REEV and Dron’Aero
    Presentation of the student project, Solarboost, for a fossil energy-free vehicle
    closed between 12 pm and 1 pm


1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Discover the mysteries of the planet Mars through two space missions: InSight and Perseverance
Conference by Mélanie Drilleau and Naomi Murdoch, Researchers with the SSPA research group
DEOS - Department of Electronics, Optronics and Signal Processing
Amphitheater 2 and Live Youtube transmission

2 pm – 3 pm
According to the emotions: art as an affective discovery of the world
Conference by Yves Charnet, Professor in charge of the "Arts & Cultures" program and author
LACS - Department of Languages, Arts, Cultures and Societies
Thesis Room

4 pm – 7 pm
The future of civil aviation: what uses for our societies?
Conference organized by the ISAE SUPAERO ENSICA Alumni Association
in 3 periods, followed by a roundtable:

- “Air transport’s impact on the development of tourism and its associated consequences on the social, economic and environmental levels, including its global component – tourist flights carry more than just tourists” by Véronique Mondou, Lecturer in Geography, Research Professor at UFR ESTHUA Tourism and Culture /University of Angers,
- “Aviation is a factor in territorial development, in territorial openness and development: the airport makes the city, air transport and metropolization, the intermodality of transport networks” by Pierre Ageron, PhD, Associate Professor of Geography, Research Professor at LIVE (Laboratoire “Image, Ville et Environnement” – “Image, City and Environment” Laboratory), UMR-CNRS 7362 at the University of Strasbourg,
- “The philosopher’s view” by Denis Faïck, lecturer in philosophy, contract instructor for the LACS department at ISAE-SUPAERO, will present an analysis based on the essence of human beings in society.

Roundtable coordinated by Sophie Voinis, journalist, expert in the aeronautics and space sectors with, as an introduction, the presentation of the results of a scientific and academic analysis of the situation by Nicolas Gourdain, Professor of Fluid Mechanics at ISAE-SUPAERO; this roundtable will bring together 4 speakers as well as representatives from ISAE-SUPAERO, AERO-Décarbo, the SUPAERO for Earth student association, the SAFRAN Group, Dassault Aviation, and the French Air and Space Academy.

Amphitheater 1
Conference recorded, available on Youtube the following week.

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
“Scientific emotion, search engine: inference, induction, intermotion, new scientific dynamics”
Conference by Yves Gourinat, Professor of Structure Mechanics
DMSM - Department of the Mechanics of Structures & Materials
Amphitheater 2 and Live Youtube transmission


  • BDE/Student Union – Shop
    Sale of ISAE-SUPAERO souvenirs
    Central Reception
  • Photobooth
    Take your souvenir photo of the day home with you
    Hall between the Forum and the “Physics and Systems” Center (ground floor)
  • Oui Snap
    Capture your snap souvenir of the day
    Hall near the Forum
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