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ADVANCED MASTERS IN AEROSPACE ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT Post-graduate education for aeronautics & space · 2024 Excellence with passion

ISAE-SUPAERO A world leader in Aerospace Engineering higher education ISAE-SUPAERO is awarded a  certification which demonstrates the quality of its hosting facilities. The ISAE-SUPAERO Toul’box A student welcome kit to make life easier right from day one: formalities, setting up a bank account, housing, language courses, cultural activities-find out all you need to know and get started right away! A public institution of higher education and research We have developed an integrated approach with training, research, and innovation in partnership with academic players, many industrial stakeholders, and a network of the finest international universities. Our training and research activities have adopted sustainable development targets, participate in reducing air transport’s environmental footprint and thus contribute to the transformation of the aeronautics sector. The high scientific and technical levels of our multidisciplinary programs prepare future generations of engineers and managers for a wide variety of fields in aeronautics and space, as well as other areas such as autonomous systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and energetics innovation… The ecological transition at the heart of ISAE-SUPAERO’s commitment At ISAE-SUPAERO,weareconvincedthatAviation connectspeople together, thatSpace isessential for communicatingbetweencontinentsandevaluating the condition of the planet. Both are at the cutting edge of technology, and their progress spills over intomany other areas. This is why we conduct research and train engineersanddoctors so theycan invent theaeronautics and space of the 21st century, and more generally build the sustainableworld of tomorrow. Aerospace engineers are now taking up a new extraordinarychallenge: decarbonizing theaviation sector. To do so, new air transport systems will have to be invented, combiningeveryaspect of technology and our engineer’s creativity. Themobilization of the Institute in the integration of environmental issues was recognized by a second place in the ChangeNOW ranking of the French engineering schools most committed to the ecological transition. Welcome to an exceptional environment in the heart of Toulouse. Teaching, living and sports facilities – we have it all. Wide range of sports facilities: pool, a gym, tennis and squash courts, football and rugby fields, rock climbing walls, fitness center… 6 new student residences: 1,000 lodgings, student accommodation and dining hall. Cutting edge equipment: Autonomous system platform for micro-drones and robots Flight simulators and neuroergonomics platform Wind tunnels, aeroacoustics wind tunnel Satellite command and control center Fleet of 8 Aircraft… 3 1 5 6 17 1922 35% 65 28000 MASTERS PROGRAMS ADVANCEDMASTERS PROGRAMS DOCTORAL PROGRAMS (PHD) CERTIFICATES STUDENTS OF FOREIGNSTUDENTS NATIONALITIES ARE PRESENT ONCAMPUS ALUMNI, ANACTIVE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK A wide range of degrees in aerospace engineering A campus located in Toulouse, European Capital of aeronautics and space Discover videos of our equipment 2nd position in the Change ranking 2 Nearly 90000 employees in aeronautics and space, in Occitanie region Toulouse themost attractive university in France

The «MASTÈRE SPÉCIALISÉ®» is a collective trademark and label owned by the «Conférence des Grandes Ecoles» or CGE, a network of some of the finest French engineering schools. Thehighly rigorousaccreditationprocess isaguarantee of programcontent excellence. Advanced Master programs, taught in english, are one-year postgraduate courses (6months of classes and projects, and 6 months of thesis) of professionally-oriented advanced studies. Close-up on the class of 2022 Main recruiters Business areas Aeronautics 51 % Others 9 % Space 29 % 80 % started their career in France 90 % have a permanent contract 80 % hired before obtaining their degree Job opportunities for our graduates 7 REASONS TO CHOOSE an ISAE-SUPAERO Advanced Master’s program 1 Expertise Increase your expertise in the fields of aeronautics, space, innovation, project management, complex systems, manufacturing, I.A. and digital. 2 Management skills Acquiredualmanagement skills inorder tobeable tomanage teamsandmanage complex and technical projects. 3 Innovation Expand your knowledge in technology and innovation domains which are at the heart of ISAE-SUPAERO’s courses. 4 Research Engage with the most advanced research driving our innovative science and technologycurriculum. Six teaching and research departments cover both specialized and multi-disciplinary scientific topics. 5 International experience Acquire international experience in Toulouse, the European aerospace capital. Students and lecturers come fromall over theworld. 6 Professional and alumni network Connect with the ISAE-SUPAERO alumni network of 28 000 graduates worldwide. Benefit from our ongoing partnershipswith the leadingaerospace companies. 7 Excitingcareer prospects Get high-level responsibilities in the industry. Make your passion for aerospace engineering a reality thanks to our worldclass Masters programs! Defense 5,5 % IT 5,5 % Survey on 1st jobs, graduating class 2022

ADVANCED MASTERS MASTÈRE SPÉCIALISÉ® SEN > Systems ENgineering RNCP Certified N°36470 - Professional certification « Architecte-Manager en ingénierie système »[Architect - Manager in Systems Engineering (MS)] OBJECTIVES Provide the international aerospace industry with skilled professionals equipped to specify, to design, to deploy and to maintain complex systems. Develop a system approach with the capacity to federate and manage various, interwoven and complementary activities. Prepare systems engineers to work in various industrial sectors including space, aeronautics, air traffic control, land transport systems, etc. CONTENTS Systems Engineering - Systems Modelling and Analysis - Systems Engineering Data Technical Management - Human factors - Systems Dependability - Systems Performance Assessments & Management - Systems design and Architecture - ILS. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Jobs in Engineering Systems Team within industries in different economic sectors, either in major companies or consulting companies in aircraft, ships, military and defense systems, automotive or other industries developing and producing smaller high technology products (cameras, mobile phones, printers, computers, etc.). EMS > Embedded Systems OBJECTIVES Prepare embedded systems experts with both system level and functional level design skills. Develop a system approach through integrated projects to master methods & tools used in aeronautics, space and the automotive sector. CONTENTS Embedded Systems core - Energy - Networks - Embedded Systems design - Embedded Systems applications. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Employment as designer, developer, research engineer including project manager in design and development of innovative embedded systems Partner: INP-ENSEEIHT. AIBT > Artificial Intelligence & Business Transformation Apprenticeship, initial and eexcutive education RNCP certifiedN°35609«Chef deprojets en Intelligenc e Artificielleet Sciences des données (MS) » [«Artificial IntelligenceandData scienceProjectManager (MS)»] OBJECTIVES This Advanced Master is part of the necessary transformation of data valuation, particularly by Artificial Intelligenc e. This program targets new jobs by offering part-time training for technical managers or high-potential managers. CONTENTS Project Managemen t, Artificial Intelligence Internals, Business Aspects of Artificial Intelligence, Hands-on practice. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Data Evangelist, Project manager in Artificial Intelligence, Manager of data engineers, data analysts, data miners and data scientists etc. Partner: IRT St Exupéry, TBS education DIGITAL //////// //////// SYSTEMS ENGINEERING //////// ////////

TAS AERO > Aeronautical Engineering majors Aircraft Design /Flight Test Engineering OBJECTIVES Have participants develop a high skills level in engineering science, neuro-ergonomics for human factors, current technologies, design and management of aeronautical systems, or flight test methodologies. CONTENTS Structures and materials - Flight physics - Avionics and systems-Flight test engineering- Aircraft design engineering. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Job research engineer, test engineer or design engineer, consultant Sector: Aerospace industry worldwide. IEVEX > Experimental Flight Test engineering TAUGHT IN FRENCH OBJECTIVES Prepare experienced pilots and engineers selected by EPNER to design, execute and analyze flight tests on aircraft, equipment and airborne systems. CONTENTS Aerospace techniques performance tests, propulsion test, handling tests, embedded systems tests… 110 fligh hours on fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Experimental flight test pilot or engineer performing flight tests. Partner: EPNER ASAA > Aviation Safety: Aircraft Airworthiness OBJECTIVES Give future managers a broad understanding of the issues and priorities in Airworthiness with a focus on air transport safety from design to operations within the international legal environment. This program covers both technical aspects of certification and the legal and economic implications. CONTENTS Aeronautical techniques and study of aircraft systems - Air Transport safety – Airworthiness. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Various job opportunities with aircraft manufacturers, or civil Aviation authorities and airlines: airworthiness inspector, certification manager, Airworthiness follow up, etc. Partners: ENAC, École de l’Air et de l’Espace AERONAUTICS //////// //////// AES > Aeronautical and Space Structures OBJECTIVES Ensure participants acquire an in-depth and multidisciplinary culture in mechanical engineering as applied to structures. Train specialists in design, optimization and certification of structures. Provide expert knowledge in modelling & simulation methods for aircraft and spacecraft structure analysis CONTENTS Aerospace structures: methods & tools for engineering dynamics - Aerospace systems architecture - Aerospace structures: dynamics & physics- Aerospace program & technologies. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Associate professional in the context of systems design and integration, Manufacturing Process Optimization, systems architect, change leader, in major aerospace companies. AMS - E&M > Aeronautical Maintenance and Support- Engineering & Management OBJECTIVES Prepare participants to face the competitive and fast changing MRO business within the international regulatory framework. Expose participants to the latest techniques and methods, regulation and standards applied in the aviation industry. Help participants acquire a wide range of knowledge from engineering fundamentals to maintenance organization management. CONTENTS Aircraft general familiarization- Maintenance and Support in Aircraft Design - Maintenance & health management analysis & modelling- maintenance execution & management- airworthiness, safety and human factors - Support & services. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Management position in aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and MRO organizations in civil or military sectors. HADA > Helicopter, Aircraft and Drone Architecture OBJECTIVES Acquisition of the basic skills required for aeronautical engineers (architecture, certification and structures) and specific skills to identify problems, generate alternatives, choose and implement solutions on aircraft, helicopters and drones. Comprehensive training from systems to structures through aerodynamics, flight dynamics and certification while encouraging and taking into account the diversity of the profiles of the selected students. CONTENTS Aircraft structures, Aircraft architecture and Certification Fixed-wing Aircraft - Helicopter Drone. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES This program prepares participants for a wide range of professional opportunities from design, certification and operations of civil and military aircrafts, drones and helicopters in France and abroad. Partner : AIRBUS Helicopters SPA > Systèmes de Propulsion Aérospatiale TAUGHT IN FRENCH OBJECTIVES Train propulsion engineers, able to design and operate gas turbines, specialized in internal aerodynamics, with a multidisciplinary knowledge o propulsion systems. Provide with expert knowledge in energetics, fluid dynamics and aerothermodynamics applied to propulsion systems. CONTENTS Propulsive systems and architectures Advanced fluid dynamics, CFD, aeroelasticity and aeroacoustics. Turbomachinery aerodynamics and design Combustion and multiphase flows. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Engineer positions with aerospace engine manufacture in: design, research and development, and testing facilities. Possibility to pursue with PhD.

AMPAS > Advanced Manufacturing Processes for Aeronautical and Space Structures OBJECTIVES Prepare participants to take on high level responsibilities in airframe structure manufacturing plants. Develop technical knowledge of materials science and processes related to supply chain structure and organization. CONTENTS Aircraft, material and process basic scientific knowledge Composite structure forming and machining processes Metallic structure forming and machining processes Industrial. Organization and management. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Positions in subcontracting companies (aircraft manufacturers, aeronautical maintenance companies) as process, industrialization, production, quality, research and innovation engineering, product, project and production manager. Partner: IMT Mines Albi MANUFACTURING //////// //////// SPACE //////// //////// SPAPS > SPace APplications and Services OBJECTIVES To provide students with the technical knowledge required for telecommunications, Earth observation or positioning services. To enable students to identify the specific constraints of satellite deployment and the key elements of the value chain and business model. To provide students with a broad understanding of space systems to enable them to analyze client needs and design new services. CONTENTS Space systems. Satellite-based Earth observation applications and services. Space telecommunications and related services. Space legal, regulatory and economic/business issues. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Jobs related to cross disciplinary use of space data in complex information systems. Consulting jobs to identify and define requirements, and implement application solutions using satellites. Jobs related to new space challenges. Partner: AIRBUS Defence and Space TAS ASTRO > Space Systems Engineering Space exploration optional pathway OBJECTIVES Provide high level inter-disciplinary training in space science, space systems engineering and space project management. Acquire and develop technical skills specific to space systems design. Understand the international, economic and legal aspects of space programs CONTENTS Missions & systems. Space programs- sub-systems: satellites & launchers. SEEDS optional pathway (space exploration). CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Research and design engineers in space industry, agencies or laboratories, leading to system or management position of various space applications programs (Earth Observation, Telecommunications, Navigation, Science, Human Spaceflight…)

MGPIE > ManaGement de Projets Innovants & Entrepreneuriat OBJECTIVES The aim of the “Management de projets Innovants et Entrepreneuriat” Advanced Master is to simultaneously develop an innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. This program also trains for technological project management (from the origin of the project to its commercialization), with new methods of management on innovative projects with an “Intrapreneurial” spirit. CONTENTS Large range of new technologies (such aircraft disciplines as propulsion or structure, additive manufacturing, machine learning & artificial Intelligence, Big data,…), project management tools & methods, economics & finance, entrepreneurship, innovative projects… CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Startuper, head of innovative project, head of innovative and technologic development (CTO in charge of technical innovation and technologies deployment), etc. APM > Aerospace Project Management OBJECTIVES Prepare participants for an international project management career in the global aerospace and defense industry. Develop the latest management skills, knowledge and skills to lead international project teams. CONTENTS Overall overview of aerospace industry - Methodology - Economic and financial aspects - Knowledge management in multicultural team project. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Head of Aerospace program team, in charge of designing and managing complex projects overseeing costs and risks with Aerospace companies or in defense institutions. Partners: École de l’Air et de l’Espace - ENAC PROJECT MANAGEMENT //////// //////// MGPIE will be offered entirely in English for the start of the 2024 academic year. MGPIE has become the Advanced Master IEM - “Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management”, and is getting its accreditation renewed by the CGE.

ISAE-SUPAERO - 10, avenue E. Belin, BP 54032 31055 Toulouse CEDEX 4 - France 33 (0)5 61 33 80 80 Photos credits: ISAE-SUPAERO Olivier Panier des Touches, Getty images, P.Nin, AIRBUS, ESA Graphic design production: ISAE-SUPAERO Non-contractual document: July 2023 YOUR CONTACTS Young graduates: Caroline ARMANGE Experienced professionals: Jessica ALIX ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND APPLICATION ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS A master’s degree, or an equivalent degree in science or engineering, or a bachelor degree supplemented by 3 years of professional experience Diplomas are also accessible via the validation of prior learning and experience (VAE). SELECTION AND ADMISSION Open in October 2023 Deadlines for application: From January to July 2024, see schedule on our website GROUPE for all masters Apply TOEFL (IBT) TOEIC IELTS CAE/FCE 88 points 785 points 6.5 points 170 points or or or Linguaskill 170 points or Only tests taken after January 1st, 2021 are accepted. LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS for the masters in french only Language qualification requested Score B2-Common - European Framework of Reference for Languages People with disabilities, assistance is available at: +33 (5) 61 33 89 88 Tuition Fees Admission requirements English qualification requested