The program

Based on a multidisciplinary core curriculum, the program gives students the opportunity to personalize their degree by choosing course modules, electives, and specific fields of expertise and industrial areas to specialize in. Courses in French.

The program - Ingénieur ISAE-SUPAERO (MSC)

The core curriculum, a solid multidisciplinary program

The extensive core curriculum has three key components: science, humanities, engineering and business.

The scientific curriculum

  • Mission : to ensure students acquire essential knowledge in the main sciences related to the aerospace sector.
  • The scientific curriculum is based on 7 core disciplines including: General mechanical engineering, Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, Applied mathematics, Electrical engineering, electronics, signals and control , Mechanics of deformable solids, Algorithmics and programming, Physics


  • Mission : to prepare students to live and work in a multicultural, international environment, to broaden students’ horizons and foster innovation.
  • Languages (English, German, Arab, Chinese, Spanish, French as a Foreign language, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian)
  • Communication courses
  • Inter-cultural workshops
  • Sport
  • Arts and culture

Engineering and businesses

  • Objective: to foster a global, inter-disciplinary approach to designing and developing a product
  • Business management and economics
  • System engineering
  • Project management

Courses with an expertise or sector-based focus

Along with the core curriculum, the program is based on the acquisition of transversal or “soft” skills and subject-specific skills.

Expertise-focused courses

In order to develop a scientific approach, acquire expertise for a professional technical application or with the aim of doing a doctorate, in 3rd year students choose to specialize in a field of expertise. This part of the program allows students to acquire in-depth knowledge of a specific scientific discipline.

Students may choose to focus on six fields of expertise including :

  • Fluid dynamics : aerodynamics, propulsion and turbomachines,
  • Mechanical engineering : computational mechanics, aeronautics and space materials, aeronautics and space structures,
  • Earth Observation and Space Science : Science measurements and associated instrumentation, Data processing, Scientific Space Missions
  • Information technology, telecommunications and networks : information technology for critical embedded systems, telecommunications and networks,
  • Decision making sciences : industrial engineering and supply chain management, financial engineering, cognitive engineering, algorithms, valorization/optimization of decision-making models and data,
  • Signals and systems : electronics, signal processing, automation.

Sector-focused courses

The sector-focused courses give students a transversal view, thus completing the systems architecture approach.

Students choose from one of five sector focused courses including :

  • Design and operation of aircraft : aircraft architecture, helicopter architecture, aircraft plus electrical engineering, aeronautical propulsion systems
  • Design and operation of space systems : space systems, satellites and applications, space propulsion systems and launchers
  • Embedded systems, self-powered and communicating : embedded systems, land-based robotics, drones, missiles
  • Energy, environment and transportation : production and management of electrical energy, transportation
  • Modelling and simulation of complex systems : applied mathematics, physics

Projects : broadening students’ intellectual, scientific, and social horizons

A project-management focused program with the choice of three areas to explore: creativity-innovation, research-innovation and entrepreneurship-engineering.

Student projects are a key component of the ISAE-SUPAERO engineering program. Projects allow students to expand their knowledge through realization of a tangible result, mobilizing transversal skills.

During the program, students complete three types of projects:

The creativity-innovation project

The creativity-innovation project introduces students to the processes of creativity and innovation, fostering team work and personal initiative and developing a wide range of communication skills.

This project gives students the freedom to explore scientific, artistic, cultural and economic issues and fields.


The research-innovation project

This project allows students to acquire research experience and develop their critical skills, while exposing them to the innovation process and fostering the capacity to work independently.

Students work for one month and a half in an ISAE-SUPAERO laboratory or a laboratory elsewhere in France or abroad.

The entrepreneurship-engineering project

The main goal of the entrepreneurship-engineering project for students is to concretely experience teamwork and project management including cost issues, deadlines, quality, and creating value. The project, which takes place during the first semester in addition to courses, is related to the sector-based specialization chosen by the student.

Elective courses

In addition to the projects and expertise or sector-focused courses, students have the opportunity to take elective courses in 1st and 2nd year.

The electives allow students to expand, from a theoretical and formal perspective, knowledge acquired in core scientific curriculum courses. The electives also provide practical applications illustrating the scientific core curriculum courses and emphasizing a multi-disciplinary dimension.

These courses allow students to explore new disciplinary fields and applications.

The following subjects are offered:

  • Astrophysics
  • Nano sciences
  • Virtual tests for the withstand capacity of materials and structures
  • Transmission system safety
  • Citizen-focused air transportation
  • Mathematics of Space
  • Elementary particules
  • Embedded systems for automation
  • Flight dynamics
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